Chrome Cleanup Tool For Windows, Mac and Android Devices

Are you are facing any problem while browsing on Google Chrome? Then this article helps you to solve your problem. Here in this post, we are providing info on chrome cleanup tool for Windows, Mac, and Android.

Chrome Cleanup Tool

What is Chrome Cleanup Tool?

Google Chrome is the best web browser used by many people. It is the freeware browser used in computers, mobiles and laptops. Most of us set Google chrome as a default browser. But sometimes when we are surfing on Google chrome it reports some problems then to solve that issues Chrome cleanup tool are the best solution. You can download chrome cleanup tool for any device from chrome cleanup tool website. By downloading the tool you can enjoy surfing on Google Chrome browser without any problems.

The chrome cleanup tool is a system service by Google that will scan and remove software that may cause problems with Chrome, such as crashes, unusual startup pages or toolbars, unexpected ads you can’t get rid of, or otherwise changing your browsing experience. The chrome cleanup tool is different for windows, android and mac devices. The chrome cleanup tool is a program which was written by Google to solve issues on chrome browser. Just simply visit the site and download it on your device.

The chrome cleanup tool scans and removes the malicious program and waits until you remove it. Once you install cleanup tool and the problem is detected it will delete itself automatically that means you can use this tool only one time once downloaded on your device.

Chrome Cleanup Tool for Windows

If you face problems on Google web browser on your device of windows platform then follow the steps listed below. When any problem occurs on Google chrome when you are surfing then chrome will show a pop-up. The pop-up asks you to download chrome cleanup tool to get rid of malicious software found on your device.

Steps To Download Chrome Cleanup Tool for Windows

  1. First visit the official website chrome cleanup tool on your windows device.
  2. Now click on Download now button.
  3. It displays terms and conditions read them and click on accept and download.
  4. You will see the file with name chrome_cleanup_tool.exe which is at bottom of your screen and gets downloaded.
  5. Windows ask you to run the file or not. Then hit on yes or run button.
  6. Now the scanning process starts on your device and detects malicious software found on your device.
  7. Now tap on remove suspicious program.
  8. Finally new tab will be opened by Google chrome to reset your settings. Click on reset.

So this is the process to remove malware and unwanted software on your windows device using Google chrome cleanup tool downloaded from the official website.

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Chrome Cleanup Tool For Mac

Not only windows users suffer problems while surfing on Google chrome. The users of other platforms also face these issues. Now we are providing steps to avoid problems of Google chrome on apple devices. There is a special cleanup tool available for iOS devices. The tool is combo cleaner chrome cleanup tool. This tool is applicable for only Mac users. This tool protects Mac from malware, adware, viruses and unwanted malicious programs.

Steps to Download Combo Cleaner Chrome Cleanup Tool For Mac

  1. Open Apple app store and now download and install combo cleaner on your Mac.
  2. Open your Applications folder
  3. Double click on combo cleaner and conform home and applications directory.
  4. Now there is a need to select home directory and click on allow access.
  5. Repeat the same for applications directory and click on allow access.
  6. Now you can begin combo scan using combo cleaner on your Mac device to cleanup unwanted programs. Hit on start combo scan option.
  7. Wait for few minutes, as scanning process starts and to protect device from latest viruses, latest threats that downloaded on your device.
  8. After scanning completed it detects malware now you can choose to optimize your device either by upgrading to premium or by selecting the disk cleaner feature of combo cleaner which is free.
  9. After selection it will clear the trashcan, application cache and logs.

Chrome cleanup Tool For Android

We have seen chrome cleanup tools for windows and Mac. Now it’s time to take a look for Android users. Many of us use mobile devices of the android platform. So there is a need to know about chrome cleanup tool for Android users. Android is a growing and an outstanding platform. Sometimes photos and files on our smart phones get erased due to some issues. So there is a need to clean your device to protect your data. Remo more app is the best chrome cleanup tool for android devices.

Steps To Download Remo More Chrome Cache Cleanup Tool For Android

  1. Open Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Search for Remo More app. Now download and install it on your device.
  3. Launch the app and select optimize option from the main screen. Now Tap on privacy cleaner option.
  4. Now select the clean cache. After selecting the scanning will start and a list of cache along with its size is displayed.
  5. Now tap on the ok button, and then a dialog box will be opened asking you to conform your action. Press Ok and clean all your Google chrome cache.

That’s all about the chrome cleanup tool for Windows, Ma, and Android devices. If you feel this article helps you please do comment in below comment box. Thank you for visiting our site

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