Tinder Reviews And Ratings: Tinder Dating App Pros & Cons

Tinder is a popular dating app across the world used by many users. Some users find it useful and some others feel it worth waste of time using this app. Here in this article, we are providing about tinder, Tinder reviews and Tinder app pros and cons.

Tinder Plus

About Tinder

Tinder is the most popular dating app. It is a location based social search mobile app that provides communication between mutually interested users, matched users to chat. You need to create an account on Tinder to access this app just like all other social media apps. This app will ask you your Facebook account details during the sign up on this app. Tinder app asks for Facebook account details because Tinder has no signaling system so it asks for Facebook details and for security purpose.

Tinder has many facilities which allow its users to find right matches by swiping their photos. In Tinder app if you right swipe any persons photo and the same person right swipe your photo then matching is done and allows you both to chat on Tinder app. If you once left swipe the photo of any person you will unable to revisit the photo and you cannot communicate with them.

Tinder also launched subscription plans to avail more features to its users. Tinder app has Tinder plus and Tinder Gold subscription plans. Tinder plus has features like passport, rewind and unlimited likes. Tinder gold has amazing feature Likes you which allows users to know who liked their photos and can access their profile.

Tinder App Pros

  • Free to download and use with smartphone (iPhone or Android)
  • Tons of users to choose from, and since its location-based, they change
  • Easy to get started with no profile creation or photos to take
  • Fun to use in social situations with friends
  • Constantly matching you with new people because it’s location-based
  • Easy to use, just swipe left or right to reject or approve a match. Swipe up for a Super Like
  • Can start connecting with people more quickly than traditional dating sites

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Latest UpdateTinder Launched New Feature Worldwide With “Likes You” – Tinder Gold

Tinder App Cons

  • No website version, this is only an app for phones
  • Low investment – if you only want to hook-up, very appealing platform. No money to spend and very accessible
  • Does not consider someone’s Facebook relationship status to be able to use it (married, in a relationship, or single)
  • Can’t search for matches with similar interests – have to scroll through each match given
  • Low security – the only verification is through a Facebook profile, which means people could create a false identity
  • Can’t “look back” and reconsider someone because you have to choose “yes” or “no” to move on to the next candidate. When you reject, they are gone
  • Membership upgrades use an age-based pricing model. For older singles Tinder is more expensive to use
  • Not much information provided about the match before you meet – sometimes none at all if they don’t include a tag or description.

Tinder Reviews

Now here we are proving Tinder reviews both positive and negative Tinder Reviews we have collected from the users of Tinder app.

Tinder Reviews

Tinder App Positive Reviews

  1. Dating websites? Please. I’m overwhelmed with the amount of girls I’m meeting on this app, many beautiful and smart. These guys found a niche clearly untouched, good job!”
  2. Love me Tinder….Love me sweet…. Whoever is responsible for this app, you deserve the dazzling stars guys! Thank you so much!”
  3. A great and fun app I have already submitted a more detailed review using another device. But, I will add that you just have to be patient and keep swiping, there are attractive potential mates that will be interested in talking to you/ meeting you. Remember to be positive and continually improve yourself physically, mentally, etc. And keep your photos updated.
  4. Safe, friendly, easy to use. Would recommend to others if you looking to meet someone new and find out about them first. Very secure with this and policy in effect. No worries like other sites. Felt very safe with this site and would use again in the future.
  5. It is very valuable; you are able to be matched with people who would be a good match. Just make sure to always swipe right. It is fun and it’s great to be matched up with interesting people. It is a lot of fun. I felt very secure.

Tinder App Negative Reviews

  1. Day light robbery Now that u has to pay ridiculous amounts to swipe everyone’s leaving tinder. So barely no matches left. Leaving it myself. Utterly disgusting the price ur charging whilst whatsapp charges £0.69 for an entire year. And snapchat is free. Won’t be using again. Don’t count on many matches.
  2. Just nothing I’ve been using tinder for about 6 months now. I’ve been on and off for using it. For the last 2 weeks now I’ve used it every day liking what I like, disliking what I don’t and still not 1 match. I must me a monster to look at. Thanks for the vote of confidence Tinder.  Useless I don’t like that you have to log in through Facebook. I don’t like Facebook anyway. Also can’t get it to send me a verification code. Useless app and recent reviews seem to say you don’t get paired with real people anyway. (Please Refer How To Use Tinder Without Facebook)
  3. Tinder is just a bit meh for me. Prefer some of the fresher sites (wejustfit.com comes to mind) & like to try sites with new people instead of seeing the same faces in my area.
  4. Horrid app. worst app ever. Doesn’t let me use the tinder app properly. And it doesn’t let me post my review. horrible! Horrible horrible! horrible!

These are the pros and cons of Tinder app and the Tinder Reviews given by the users of the Tinder app. If you have any questions regarding this post please feel free to ask, we will reach you as soon as. Thank you for visiting our site @www.dreamaim.com



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