DLS Kits and Logos – Dream League Soccer 512×512

Currently the developers of DLS app are in a work to develop DLS logo and kits for Dream League Soccer video game. To use the DLS kits and Logos their size should be 512×512. Here in this article, we are providing complete wiki info on DLS kits and logos, Dream League Soccer for Android and iOS.

DLS Kits And Logos

Dream League Soccer is an amazing game which was downloaded by many users with in a short period time. The Dream League Soccer game was developed by First Touch Games. The First Touch Games released Dream league Soccer game in the year 2016. The developers of the game make changes in the game and release the new version of the game by adding some elegant features.

Initially Dream League Soccer game was released for android and iOS users. The android and iOS users can download the DLS game by installing it from Google play store or from app store. You can also get Dream league Soccer game for android or iOS by getting this game from apk files. Dream League Soccer game can be played on PC by installing android emulators on PC. The emulator acts as an android interface and gives you the experience of playing DLS game on your smart phone.

Dream League Soccer game became popular among football games played on smartphones and also it gained one of the position in Top 10 android soccer games since 3 years. The game is popular because of its unique features such as creation of team, change logos and kits. The game also allows you to play in multiplayer mode by playing game with other teams. You can buy FIFPro players for your team using coins gained by you. You can reach top level in the game by winning competitions.

Dream league Soccer has many teams based on country names. You can create your own dream team by selecting top players for your team. The DLS game allows you to train your players by playing game in training mode. You can transfer DLS players, Change DLS Kits and Logos. The transfer of players can be done by paying some coins. You can change DLS kits and logos by using the URLs of logo and kits.

DLS kits and logos can be changed by pasting the URLs and downloading the images on the game. You can change logo and kits of any team of Dream League Soccer. You can find easily the URLs of logo and kits of every team of DLS game. by customizing your DLS team you can enjoy the better gaming experience.

Dream League Soccer for Android & iOS

Many people are getting doubts about Dream League Soccer game is available for android and iOS platform. If available then questions raise as

How to Download Dream League Soccer For Android?

How to Download Dream League Soccer For iOS?

For the above questions, we are providing you a solution from this given below links


Dream League Soccer 2017/18 (iOS, Android)

How To Download DLS Kits And Logos

Here we are providing links for you to import DLS kits and Logos of teams such as Argentina team, Australia team, AS Roma team, Arsenal team, Atletico Madrid team, Barcelona team, Bayern Munich team, Borussia Dortmund team, Brazil team, Chelsea team, England team, France team, Germany team, Italy team, Juventus team, Liverpool team, Manchester City team, Manchester United team, Paris Saint Germain team, Real Madrid team and Tottenham Hotspur  team. Check the below links to import DLS logos and kits

Click Here: New and Updated Dream League Soccer Logos Free Download

Click Here: Dream League Soccer Import Kit URL

That’s all about the DLS Kits and Logos and Dream League Soccer for Android and iOS devices. if you have any questions regarding this post, please do comment below. Bookmark our site for latest updates. Thank you for visiting our site @ www.dreamaim.com



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