New DLS Germany Team Home, Away, Goalkeeper Kits URLs

The Germany national football team is the team that represents Germany in international competition. The Germany team is governed by the Germany football association. The DLS Germany team has been participating in the international competition since 1908. The nick names of this team are Nationalelf (national eleven), DFB-Elf (DFB Eleven) and Die Mannschaft (The Team). The team has won four world cups, three European championships and one confederations cup. It is one of the most successful national teams in international competitions. The Germany team comes under the confederation UEFA.

Germany Team

The logo and kits of team’s changes every year and they are updated to change the gaming experience. Here in this post we are providing images of logo and kits with URLs. You can visit the URL and you can download and paste them on the game. You can update your team with latest logo and kits by following some simple steps.

  • Open DLS game on your mobile
  • Now open “My Club”
  • Select “Customize Team”
  • Tap on “Edit Kit”
  • Download and paste the URL on the game

By following these easy steps you can download and paste the logo and kits to your team which is very easy process.

If you play Dream League Soccer game and searching for national Germany team logo and kits. If you are looking for these, then you are on the right blog. Now in this post, we are providing info on Germany team logo and kits URLs.

Download – URL:

Germany Team Logo

DLS Germany Home Kit 1

Download – URL:

Germany Home Kit 1

DLS Germany Home Kit 2

Download – URL:

Germany Home Kit 2

DLS Germany Away Kit

Download – URL:

Germany Away Kit

DLS Germany Goalkeeper (GK) Home Kit

Download – URL:

Germany Goalkeeper Home Kit

DLS Germany Goalkeeper (GK) Away Kit

Download – URL:

Germany Goalkeeper Away Kit

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