Is Ymail same as yahoo mail? Differences between @


“Ymail” name referred as Yahoo Mail very frequently. The is an alternate domain for a Yahoo email address. Yahoo introduced the email address option in the month of June 2008.

Ymail is a very email precise program and has little else to offer in the field of social interaction while yahoo has much social interaction with web searching, games, and shopping.

Yahoo Mail is top provider of Web-based Email and is letting users sign up with the domains.

Yahoo Mail was launched by Yahoo (Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle) in 1997, and Yahoo Mail was the 3rd-largest web – based email service on or after December 2011 as per survey conducted by comScore.

Yahoo Mail Advantages:                      

  • Yahoo gives you option to send and receive emails over 21 languages
  • Gives you unlimited message storage
  • High storage – you can send emails with attachments up to 25MB
  • You can automatically sort messages as it gives up to 100 filters
  • Yahoo m ail offers you the option to enhance your contact list by two features (enhanced contacts, import contacts)

Yahoo Mail Dis-advantages:

  • Facility enables users to share video easily
  • If you do not use your account 6 months, your account will expire

Special Features of Ymail:

  • Security
  • Spam policy
  • Delayed email delivery
  • Mobile access
  • Yahoo calendar tool
  • Weather Integration
  • Link up with Dropbox for Yahoo Mail