How To Change Youtube User Name – Ways to Change Name Without Changing My Google Account

How to Change Youtube User Name

Hi guyzz..!! Are you probing How To Change Youtube User Name? Read out the Entire Article and get minimum 3 Ways to Change User Name without Changing Your Google Account.

Youtube username is the Name (or) Title of your choosing that displays on your YouTube Channel and on the videos you post. Once chosen username you cannot be changed.

But YouTube enables you to change the Youtube User Name in two different ways i.e.

Method 1: Delete the account and create new account

Method 2: Change the “name” box that appears in your profile

Hope fully this article helps you guys who have facing trouble to change youtube name and frequently hunting how to change your youtube name on Internet.

How To Change Youtube User Name

Here is a step by step instructions on How To Change Youtube User Name. Please read the below procedure for clear understanding.

How to Delete the Youtube account and Create New Account?

Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube Channel on your Computer

Step 2: Save your videos before deleting

Step 3: Delete your old account

Step 4: Create/Open a new account

Step 5: Select the new YouTube username of your choice

Step 6: Finish your latest username and upload your old videos

How to Change the “Name” box that appears in your profile?

Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube Channel on your Computer

Step 2: Click on your username in the top right corner of the browser

Step 3: Go to “YouTube Settings”

Step 4: Then click on “Edit profile”

Step 5: Click on your name on the top left corner of your profile

Step 6: Select New Name and write your username to appear in Google+ and YouTube.

Step 7: Click “Change Name”.

Step 8: Go to YouTube and see your changed user name or new name

How To Change Your YouTube Name – Method 3

  • Log in your youtube account
  • Click on your profile pic located in cornor.
  • Then change username by click on “Edit on google” button
  • Now you can change your first name and last name
  • Ht on ok button
  • Finished the process

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