Command Prompt Tricks, Codes & Secrets in Windows [ 10, 8, 7 and XP ]

Currently in this article we are providing you some of the best command prompt tricks, hacks, codes and secrets for windows users of versions XP, 7, 8, and 10. Follow this article to check out the command prompt tricks and hacks.

About Windows Command Prompt

Computers are used in many fields. A computer is a combination of hardware and software. The basic software required to run a computer is Operating system. Most people prefer using Windows operating system. Windows OS is a powerful GUI based and is easy to use. On your windows OS you can install different application software’s like MS Office, games, notepad, music players and adobe reader.

Command prompt is a command line interpreter application which is available in all windows OS. The command prompt functionality is same as that of COMMAND.COM in DOS and Windows 9x PS. This interacts with the users through a command-line interface. The command prompt is used to execute entered commands. The short form of command prompt is cmd. Cmd is used to get IP address of a system, to resolve Domain name to IP address, to know active internet connection etc.

Most Useful CMD Tricks, Hacks and Codes

Execute Multiple Commands

Execution of multiple commands is one of the tricks of command prompt. Command prompt allows you to execute multiple commands at one time. To execute multiple commands just you have to put && between the commands which you want to execute. This not executes all the multiple commands at one time but executes it like one after another.

Find IP address of Website

This is another trick to perform on command prompt. This trick is used to find IP address of website. You can check IP address of any particular website using this trick. To check IP address of any website, use nslookup command along with the address of the website that you want to look up. Just open the command prompt on your PC and type nslookup followed by any website address then IP address of particular website will be displayed on the command prompt. Also see – How to block websites on chrome

Command Prompt Code nslookup

Abort a Command Using Ctrl-C

This is another trick to perform using command prompt. Ctrl-C is one of the best command prompt tricks. If you are running commands on command prompt and if you want to stop running command then you can abort the command using Ctrl-C. This trick will not undo any command but what it can do is that it can save your time if you are running a command and it is taking much time if you are looking for scanning directories.

Shut Down, Restart and log off Computers

This is another good trick to use on command prompt. These commands are used on your PC to shut down, restart or log off your computer. You just have to type these cool commands on your windows cmd which are given below to perform shutdown, restart and log off your system.

  • Log off- shutdown –l
  • Shut Down – shutdown –s
  • Restart – shutdown –r

 Assoc CMD Command

This is another good command trick to be used on command prompt. Assoc is a very useful command. By typing this command on command prompt it will show which application can be used to open different type of file extensions. As there are different type of files on your computers so assoc command can help us to find the suitable program for that particular file extension.

Assoc Windows CMD Command

Using Function Keys in Windows Terminal

This is another cool trick to be used in command prompt. You can use function keys in command prompt tool to perform different operations. Here we have provided the usage of some function keys.

  • F1 – Pastes the last executed command character by character.
  • F2 – Pastes the last executed command upto the last entered character.
  • F3 – Pastes the last executed command.
  • F4 – Delete command up to an entered command character.
  • F5 – Pastes last used command (without cycling)
  • F6 – Pastes ^Z to the prompt text field.
  • F7 – Shows a selectable list of previously used commands.
  • F8 – Paste recently used cycle able commands.
  • F9 – Asks for the number of previously used commands and pastes it in the prompt text field.

Change Windows Terminal Color Scheme

This is another great command prompt hack. On all the computers and laptops command prompt is always in black and white color scheme. Most of us don’t know that color of the command prompt can be changed. You can change color of the cmd for this you just have to right-click on the command prompt title bar and open the color tab from the properties window. There you can see different colors for text, background, popup text and popup background. You can select your desired color and the command prompt color changes accordingly.

Change Windows Command Prompt Color Scheme
Change Windows Terminal Color Scheme

Net Commands

This is another great trick to be performed on windows terminal. Net commands are very powerful CMD commands which are used to check the status of the network. These net commands are used if you want to check the information of your active network connection. Using these net commands you can also update the connection service settings. Here we have listed some popular net commands try them on your windows terminal.

  • net start server
  • net start
  • net stop server

Netstat CMD Command

This is another powerful hack to be used on command prompt. Netstat is a very powerful tool which is used to display very detailed information of your computer connection with other computers. Here we have provided some netstat commands try them all.

  • Netstat –a: Displays all connections
  • Netstat –n: sorts the connections in numerical order.
  • Netstat –b: displays browser name

Scanning and Repairing System Files

This is another trick to be used on the command prompt. This is a very useful option in windows terminal. Using this command you can scan the system files for any problem and if any problem found then it can be repaired by using the command prompt.

“sfc/scananow” is the command used to scan files on your system.

Create Wi-Fi Hotspot

Using command prompt you can also create a wifi hotspot without any application. Just type the following command to enable a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid=Yourhotspotnamekey = 12345678

You can change yourhotspotname to any name you desire for your Wi-Fi hotspot and the password must be in between 8-63 characters.

After enabling the Wi-Fi hotspot use these commands to start and stop the hotspot.

  1. netsh wlan start hostednetwork
  2. netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

Change Title Bar Text of Command Prompt Window

This is another cool hack to be used on command prompt. This command is used to change the cmd title. Use this command if you want to use something different and interesting. To do this you just need to execute a following command to change the cmd title text.

title “New title text”

By using this command you can change the title text. You can change whatever text you like. Just change the “New title text” to which title you want and it will be done.

How To Windows Terminal from Any Folder

This is another trick used in windows. This command is used to open windows terminal from any folder. Opening the command prompt is really a frustrating one as you have to open it by going to “Run” box and then typing cmd or going to “All Programs” and search for command prompt. Here is a hack to open cmd. To perform this hack you have to open any folder and then hold the shift key and Right-click on anywhere in the folder and select “Open command window here”. That’s it by doing this you can open Terminal window from any folder.

For windows 10 updated version, this option has been removed and updated with new option. Open Powershell window here. By this option you can open cmd from any folder on windows 10 version.

So, these are the most useful command prompt tricks and hacks. If you have any doubts regarding this article, please comment in below comment box, we will reach you as soon as. Stay connects with our site for latest updates.