Top 10 Online Large File Sharing Sites To Share Large Files Online

Are you searching for file sharing websites? If your answer is yes, then you are on the right post. Follow this article to know about best file sharing sites/most popular file uploading sharing websites. Here in this write-up, we are providing best 10 top online file sharing sites.

File Sharing Sites

With the help of internet, you can do anything. The internet helps you for file sharing online. there are many online file sharing websites. File sharing plays important role in the online field. There are hundreds of sites which helps you to share files and documents. Most of the email providers including Gmail, do not allow you to share files of over 25MB. To share large memory files file sharing websites are used. When you upload files and share on this file sharing websites then they create back up of your files and when you lost your files you can restore them from the back up.

Top 10 Online File Sharing Sites

1. iCloud

iCloud is one of the best online file sharing websites. This site is a cloud storage and cloud computing service from Apple Inc. this site accessed by only users of Apple products. The users can store data such as images, documents, music and video files on this site. The best feature of this site is security provided by Apple. By default it offers its users 5GB data and if you want any extra storage space then you can subscribe for premium plans.

2. Bigfilebox

Bigfirebox is another popular online file sharing website. It is easy to use and fully secured. The name itself indicates that it allows its users to share big files. The site offers it users for 1month free trail. It is a simple, safe and privately branded space to transfer big files and collections of files online. Bigfilebox is a cloud based data sharing solution. It just requires sign in on this site to share files.

3. 4shared

4shared is another great online file sharing websites. This site allows its users to search, upload and share files. The best features of this site include security, downloading and uploading speed on this site is quite good. The site allows its users to upload or share images, documents, videos, books, apps and many more. This site allows you to search or upload files. The site offers its users around 15GB of storage space.

4. One Drive

One Drive is unique online file sharing websites. This site is a product of Microsoft. There is a need to Sync your Windows PC on this site. Then if you take any image or add something new then it automatically stores that particular file on this site. The site asks its users to log in on this drive using their Microsoft account or you can create new Microsoft account. It provides best security and by default it offers 5GB storage space. For additional storage space you can subscribe for different plans.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive is another relevant online file sharing websites. Google Drive is the most used drive all over the world. You can use this drive for free. You can store any files on this drive. This drive allows you to store images, videos, documents and music files.  The drive offers its users with 15GB of free online storage. You can share and upload any file of any format on this drive. You just need a Google account to access this Google Drive.

6. Box

Box is another most popular online file sharing websites. This site has the best user interface compared to all other sites. It the easiest way to store and share files. This site is the best and easiest way for everyone to work together everywhere. The features of this drive include file sharing, security, mobility and content management. This drive helps its users to share, upload, view and comment on any files.

7. Deposit Files

Deposit Files is quite familiar online file sharing websites. Deposit files is an easy cloud service. It is one of the best file sharing sites. You can sign up on this site using your Google+ account, Twitter account or Facebook account. The registration on this site is absolutely free. You can upload files on this site using your login account. The site has over 5million active users till now. The site offers its user 10GB of storage space.

8. Mega

Mega is another wonderful online file sharing websites. This site is suitable if the users require high security. The site has made secure cloud storage simple. The site has an amazing feature of encrypting and decrypting of files by its users. The interface of this site is quite simple. The site offers its users 50GB of storage space by default. If you want more storage space then you can opt for different subscription plans.

9. Open Drive

Open Drive is another amazing online file sharing websites. The site is an all-in-one cloud storage. It is a powerful, cloud storage and office suite which can be accessed from everywhere. The site initially offers its users 5GB of storage space and if the user gives the review of the site on any social media network then it offers extra 2GB storage space to its users. You can upload, view, share, encrypt and backup files on this site.

10. Media Fire

Media Fire is another famous online file sharing websites. File sharing and storage is made simple using this site. The site has powerful features when compared to any other site. You can upload files for free on this site. You can share, collaborate, access and store files on this site. Media fire can simply your work by allowing you to store any kind of files like images, documents, music and video files.

So these are the best websites have been ranked using the Alexa rank and Quantcast Rankings. If you want file sharing sites then above-mentioned sites are the best 10 top online large file sharing websites. if you like this article please share on your social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts. Thank You for visiting our site


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