Best 10 Most Disliked YouTube Videos for All Time

In present era, there is no one person who doesn’t surf on the internet. Most people watch video songs and funny videos on YouTube. There are some disliked videos on YouTube. Here in this article, we are providing best 10 most disliked YouTube videos for all time.

Most Disliked YouTube Videos

YouTube is a best and wonderful platform to watch videos. We already know that, one can stream videos on YouTube. The YouTube streaming helps many people to become fame by their videos uploaded on YouTube. The amazing feature of YouTube is that it allows its users to provide reviews and ratings videos according to the users likes and dislikes. YouTube is the best platform for many celebrities due to likes and dislikes to their videos. There are most liked videos and most disliked videos on YouTube.

Top 10 Most Disliked YouTube Videos

1. Baby – Justin Bieber

Baby Justin Bieber is the top most disliked YouTube videos. This YouTube video is getting dislikes everyday till now. Justin Bieber’s baby official teaser is the most disliked video on YouTube because of his girly voice and annoying song lyrics. This YouTube video got 7million dislikes. This video made Justin Bieber fame by gaining him title of the most disliked YouTube video.

2. Official call of Duty – Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer

If you are a Call of Duty game lover, then you should know that Call of Duty game trailer was one of the most disliked YouTube video. The video on YouTube has received more than 3million dislikes. Call of Duty is basically a first – person shooter game. This video is most disliked because this game is based on sci-fi combat. You can compare this game with other games like Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2.

3. Can this Video Get 1 Million Dislikes – PewDiePie

This is the third most disliked YouTube video. PewDiePie is the most famous YouTube star whose channel has 54 million subscribers. His video got 3million dislikes on YouTube. he released a video stating that can this video get 1million dislikes. He asked his viewers to dislike this video and they did it. Till now he got 2.64 million dislikes for this video on YouTube.

4. Psy – Gangnam Style

This is other most disliked YouTube videos. Every one watched this video on YouTube or from any other source. As this video is most famous and got over billion of views and has earned more than 1million dislikes. No one can deny that the music of this video is good. This was the first video which was watched for 1 billion times on YouTube.

5. Cortando O Botao Do YouTube – Aruan Felix

This is most disliked YouTube videos. The title of this video means “Cutting The YouTube Button”. Brazilian YouTuber, Aruan Felix made this video and received silver YouTube award which will be given to every YouTuber when their channel gets 1, 00, 000 subscribers. The video is in portugese and this video went viral just in one day. This video has more than 2million dislikes.

6. Wrecking Ball – Miley Cirus

This is popular most disliked YouTube videos. Miley Cirus has wood crafted voice which made worth listening. There are so many fans for Miley Cirus but this video make her fans disappointed. This video was released after some months of her debut album release. This video got more than 3million dislikes up to date.

7. We Can’t Stop – Miley Cirus

This is the 7th most disliked YouTube videos. This video got a million dislikes making this video dislike. If you are a Miley Cirus fan you please stay away from this video. This video is all about house parties, drugs and a broken relationship. The starting of the video is good but after a while one will find it to be worth listening or watching.

8. Anaconda – Nicki Minaji

This is other best most popular disliked YouTube videos. This video has earned over 1.3 million dislikes. When a celebrity is becoming famous by fans then he/she will release new videos and the situation like this can make them release an annoying video music video which made things come into worse. Nicki Minaji’s Anaconda is worst one when you watch it you will know.

9. SweatShirt – Jacob Sartorious

This is 9th most disliked YouTube videos. Jacob Sartorious has a lot of subscribers. He became famous with his videos. But things didn’t go good for him as he got more dislike for this video. This video seemed to be a parody video and got dislikes. He came falling down with the dislikes he got for this video. This video got more than 1.54 million dislikes till date.

10. Ghost Buster Official Trailer

This is the last most disliked YouTube videos. This video was released in 2016. If you are Ghost Buster series lover then I suggest you not to watch this video. This video trailer didn’t go good and it got dislikes from its users. People were disappointed watching this video. This video got more than 1million dislikes on YouTube.

So these are the most disliked YouTube videos. If you want to know why these are the disliked videos then you can watch these videos on YouTube. You can also save time by not watching these videos on YouTube. If you have any comment on this post please do comment below. Thank you for visiting our site

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