Reasons for Facebook Login Not Working – My FB Not Responding, Why? What does it mean? How can I solve problem?

About Facebook: Facebook is a  general interest social networking website (Similar Sites: MySpace, Hi5, Ning) and service where users can post comments, share photos (only among a select group of friends or family, or with a single person) and links to other interesting content on the web, play games, video chat live.

Facebook is the most famous social networking sites like other sites and it is a place where people from different countries interact to discuss or interact with each other in a common location. Approximately 800 millions of the people worldwide are using this great social networking. Here we are explaining most common Facebook Login problems.


Main Reasons for Facebook Login Problem:

There are many reasons as to why you’re Facebook Login Not Working correctly

  1. Problem may be incorrect password
  2. Incorrect email address
  3. Another common problem is that the Facebook Login page doesn’t load or refresh
  4. Java Script not working for facebook login

How to Solve Facebook Login Problem?

Here is a step by step guide which will solve Facebook login problems

Step 1: Check whether FB is down for everyone or just you

Step 2: Check Your Local Internet Connection

Step 3: Check Your Computer’s Host File or Windows Parental Controls (Host file of Windows can be used to block specific websites from opening in your computer)

Step 4: Understand the difference between phishing facebook home page vs original one

Step 5: Take Help of Facebook Help Center and Troubleshooting Guide

Step 6: Check other troubles with Facebook Login page (like don’t remember which email address you used to Login to Facebook/forget password, etc).

Reasons for your Facebook Chat is Not Working

Following are the various Reasons for your Facebook Chat is Not Working.

  • The Facebook Chat Server is down
  • FB is Blocked
  • You’ve Blocked your Facebook Friends
  • Facebook is expelled in your country
  • You’ve accidentally Turned Chat Off
  • You have hidden your side bar


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