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SAT Preparation Guide: Are you looking for the best SAT prep book and study guides? Now you are on the right page. Here we provide Complete Review, Practice Tests, and Video Tutorials for the New College Board SAT Exam. The College Board’s Official SAT Syllabus pdf available on our site. Interested ones please check the List of SAT Prep Books as well Preparation Tips and Tricks from here.

SAT Prep Books

About SAT Exam:

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test, Scholastic Assessment Test) is an entrance test for students who are interested in studying in the United States (U.S) of most famous Universities and colleges. The SAT Test was conducted by the College Board and it was a Private non-Profit Organization. Yearly this test is offered seven times and there is no qualification/eligibility required for the SAT Exam. SAT stands for nothing and simply it was referred as SAT Reasoning Test.

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Best SAT Prep Books

There are a lot of “Best SAT Prep Books” listed here. You will learn which book is useful for your preparation, which books you should use to improve individual sections, and which books you need if you’re aiming for a Top SAT Score. The Official SAT Study Guide is one of the best SAT preparation books so, you can purchase it from online shopping websites.

Here we are going to divide the SAT Prep Books into a few categories including

  • Critical Books
  • Subject Training Books
  • Books for Top Scorers
  • Books for Low Scorers

Top 10 Books Recommended for SAT Prep       

  • College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide
  • Kallis’ SAT Pattern
  • McGraw-Hill Education SAT
  • Barron’s New SAT
  • Princeton Review’s Cracking the New SAT
  • Steve Warner’s 320 SAT Math Problems
  • Jang’s SAT 800 Math Workbook for the New SAT, Second Edition
  • PWN The SAT: Math Guide 4th Edition
  • The Complete Guide to SAT Reading by Erica Meltzer, Second Edition
  • The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar by Erica Meltzer, Third Edition

SAT Preparation Courses and Classes

There are some private institutions that offer online SAT prep classes and some websites offer free online sat preparation classes. We will update the list shortly.

And also you can make practice by practice tests /online mock test conducted by the khan Academy under the affiliation of SAT College Board.

After taking SAT Test there is another test called SAT subject test and it was mainly concentrated on English, History, Mathematics, Science, and Languages.

New SAT Exam Syllabus pdf & Subjects

In this SAT Test, we have 4 SAT preparation topics they are given below.

  • Essential Reading.
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Essay (optional).

Essential Reading:

The Reading Test gives you a chance to show how well you understand what you read. ­

Total questions: 52 passage-based reading questions with multiple-choice responses, Reading comprehensions, Sentence Completions, and critical reading of paragraph ­

Time allotted: 65 minutes ­

Calculators may not be used or on your desk

Writing Section:

In the Writing and Language Test, you will be asked to make revision and editing decisions to improve multipara graph passages. ­

Total questions: 44 passage-based questions with multiple-choice responses and essays.

Time allotted: 35 minutes ­

Calculators may not be used or on your desk

This section will improve the skills in identifying the errors and so on.

Math Section:

­Math Includes multiple-choice and student produced response questions based on the math that college-bound students typically learn during their first 3 years of high school. In this section we have two types one, it was allowed calculator and another one is no calculator section

Time allotted for Math – No Calculator: 25 minutes.

Time allotted for Math – Calculator: 55 minutes. ­

In 80 minutes the test taker has to attempt 57 questions. Questions come from the depth of the algebra, passport to advanced math, problem-solving and data analysis. At the end of the section, you will have some problems by using the shortest way you have to solve the problem.

The latest syllabus of SAT essay was made an optional one so the student may or may not choose it. The total test score also reduced and it ranges from 400-1600.

Essay (optional):

Asks you to read and analyze an argument and write an effective response.

Time allotted for an essay: 50 minutes.

The Essay asks you to demonstrate college and career readiness in reading, writing, and analysis by comprehending a high-quality source text

Tips for the Math Test:

  • Train yourself with the directions ahead of time. ­
  • The test does not require you to learn by heart formulas. Commonly used formulas are provided in the test booklet at the beginning of each math portion.
  • Read the problem carefully.
  • With some problems, it may be useful to draw a sketch or diagram of the given information. ­
  • Use the test booklet for scratch work.
  • In the math test that allows calculator use, you should be strategic when choosing to use your calculator.

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