What is ESL – Full Form, Certification, Program in USA, Definition, Curriculum, Admission Requirements, Tuition and Fees, etc

If you are fascinated by foreign cultures and enjoy teaching, then a career as a teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL) may be right for you. Here you know the What is ESL? and its Full Form, Certification, Program in USA, Definition, Curriculum, Admission Requirements, Tuition and Fees, etc details.

What-is-ESLWhat is ESL?

ESL means English as a Second Language (ESL) and bilingual education programs are provided by a Bilingual Education/EFL Advisor in the Department of Education. A school district must provide the student with a planned program of ESL to facilitate the acquisition of English language skills and provide an instructional program appropriate to the student’s developmental and instructional level.

ESL is also called English as a Foreign Language (EFL). Foreign language is the use of English by speakers with different native languages. Most ESL programs have small classes so that students receive individual attention from their teachers. EFL program in USA is coursework designed to help students who are looking to learn English as their second, third, or in fourth language.

Difference Between EFL & ESL:

The major Difference between EFL and ESL is Teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) typically take place in a foreign country, usually with students from the same country. In contradistinction, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes takes place in an English-speaking country, with students from all different backgrounds.

ESL Curriculum:

The English as a Second Language curriculum consists of

  • Intensive English classes
  • Capstone courses
  • The academic bridge class, and
  • TOEFL/GRE/GMAT preparation classes.

The curriculum consists of 5 skill areas, i.e.

  • Speaking
  • Reading/Vocabulary
  • Listening
  • Grammar, and
  • Writting

Students will also have chance to learn American Culture through Cinema, Literature, Debate, and Writing in additional classes as well as involve in service learning projects.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition Fees (16weeks) – $6,200

Fees (Health Services, Student Activity) – $1,359

Semester Total – $7,559

Academic Year Total – $ 15,118

EFL Details

  • 5 Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, & Grammar
  • 5 Levels: Beginner, Low Intermediate, Intermediate, High Intermediate, & Advanced
  • 5 Start Dates: January, March, June, August, & October
  • 25 Hours/Week: 9:00A.M to 2:50P.M, Monday to Friday
  • Conditional Admissions: Undergraduate & Post Graduate
  • Total Estimates: $6,000 Per 8-Week Term (tuition & fees, room and board, and health insurance.)
  • Pre-MBA & Pre-Professional Studies
  • IELTS and GRE Preparation

The Curriculum Regulations requires that the school district/charter school provide a program for every student who is limited English proficient (LEP) or an English language learner (ELL).

Requirements for Admission

  • Official Application (signed & dated)
  • Must pay application fee of $100
  • Official high school document and notarized English translation: Diploma & Transcript
  • Official Affidavit of Support stating student has at least $18,000 US dollars
  • Copy of valid passport information page

ESL Certification: 

Teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) is the preferred certification for teaching ESL in U.S. public schools. TESOL certificate may provide more teaching opportunities. EFL Teaching Certification Learn, is a vital step for EFL teachers en route to entering the classroom.