Top 100+ SAP Interview Questions for Fresher and Experienced – Module Wise

About SAP: SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing. SAP Courses are done for specific modules. Hence, there are as many courses as are the number of modules. SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a generic term for the functional & technical modules of the German software company SAP AG. SAP is a back-end-free ERP system which co-operate with many database companies it means companies have many choices. The database is common for all modules and avoids duplication of maintaining  master records.

The following Database can be used in SAP software. The functionality/programming technique is same for all database system.

  1. Oracle
  2. MS SQL
  3. Informix
  4. Sybase
  5. Adabas D
  6. DB2 for AIX
  7. DB2/400

SAP Modules:

SAP will always crate new modules and solutions for new business environments and new industries all time. The SAP Modules are divided into mainly 3 Sub-Modules. They are Functional Modules, Technical Modules, Industry specific Modules. The SAP modules listed on this page are categorized according to their functionality


Finanacial Modules: FI – Financial Accounting, CO – Controlling, IM – Investment Management, TR – Treasury (TR), EC – Enterprise Control.

Logistics Modules: MM – Material management, SD – Sales & distribution, PP – Production, Planning & Control, PDM – Product Data Management, QM – Quality Management, PM – Plant maintenance, SM – Service Management, PS – Project Systems, LO – Logistics General, LE – Logistics Execution, CS – Customer Service, EHS – Environment, Health & Safety, SRM – Supplier Relationship Management, PLM – Product Lifecycle Management.

Supply Chain Management: SCM – Supply Chain Management, APO – Advanced Planning & Optimization

Human Resource Management Module: Personnel Management, Organizational Management, Payroll Accounting, Time Management, Personnel Development, Training & Event Management

SAP Interview Questions

SAP Interview Questions

Here a list of SAP Interview Questions for freshers and experienced asked during job interviews and get 100% success. Preparing the list of likely questions in advance will help you at the time of interview.

SAP QM Interview Questions

  • What are the different functions in SAP Quality Management?
  • What is an Inspection plan in QM process?
  • How many types of testings is there in QM implementation? Give a brief explanation
  • What is the use of SAP Quality Management system?
  • Which all modules SAP quality Management QM process is integrated with?
  • What is Quality notification?
  • What is difference between inspection method and inspection plan?
  • What is Quality Management Plan?
  • What are the Quality Principles?
  • What are six Mandatory Quality Procedures?

SAP HR Interview Questions:

  • Which are the sub-modules in SAP HR?
  • Describe the various structures in SAP HR Module?
  • What is the difference between Indian and US Payroll?
  • How do you run SAP HR Time Evaluation?
  • What is Recruitment Cycle?
  • Which Personal Actions have you performed on an employee?
  • How would record time in your SAP HR system?
  • What are problems generally faced while posting result to FICO?
  • How Time management and payroll is integrated?
  • What did you do with symbolic accounts while posting payroll data to Accounting?

SAP ERP Interview Questions:

  • What is an ERP?
  • What are the different types of ERP’s?
  • Tell me about your programming skills. In particular, how familiar are you with ABAP?
  • What are other ERP systems available in the market?
  • How can an ERP analyst improve the speed of an ERP implementation?
  • Mention what are the different layers in R/3 system?
  • Tell me about your experience with ERP training programs.
  • Name the various stages of business that can be managed using ERP software
  • What is SAP FICO and What are the Core Modules?
  • What are the ERP Advantages for Management Functions

FICO- SAP Interview Questions

  • Explain the term SAP FICO Module?
  • What are the different sub-modules in SAP FI?
  • What is Chart of accounts? What are the different types of COA in FI?
  • What are the options in SAP for Fiscal years?
  • In SAP FI what are the organizational elements?
  • What are the different steps involved in G/L posting?
  • What are the different account types in SAP FI? How do you identify account types?
  • Explain the most common G/L reports in FI?
  • What are the application areas that use validation and substitutions?
  • What is FI-GL (Financial- General Ledger) Accounting does?

SAP PP Interview Questions:

  • What is SAP PP? Why it is used?
  • Explain Production Planning life cycle?
  • What are the different elements in Org structure under SAP PP?
  • Which all modules SAP Production Planning is integrated with? Explain the integrated activities that are performed with each module under PP?
  • What are the different master data exists under Production Planning?
  • What is Work Center under Production Planning? Why do we use Work Center?
  • What is Routing process under Production Planning?
  • What is the use of routing in PP or explain ley charactertics of Routing under Production Planning?
  • What are different Planning strategies?
  • What is Material Requirement Planning under Production Planning?
  • What are the different parameters that are required to run MRP?
  • What is Production Order? How do you determine the list of components and operational data in the order?
  • What are the key steps under Production Order confirmation?
  • What are the different ways to create Production Order in PP?
  • What is capacity planning and capacity leveling?
  • How do perform capacity leveling under Production Planning?
  • How do perform Goods issues under Production Planning?
  • Can you reverse Goods issue? What is the movement type for Goods issue reversal?
  • Why do we use Stock Overview?
  • How do you check the costing details in Production Order?

SAP MM Interview Questions:

  • Explain what is SAP MM? And it’s importance in SAP R/3?
  • What are the essential components in SAP MM?
  • What is the use of SAP Material Management module?
  • Explain what are the accounts created in SAP MM?
  • What are the steps involved in consignment cycle?
  • How SAP MM Module is integrated with other SAP Modules?
  • What are the common assignment types in SAP MM system?
  • How to create a Client in SAP Material Management Module?
  • Where do you maintain Purchase Info Records in SAP MM?
  • Tell me about Organizational Structure of SAP MM?

SCM – SAP Interview Questions:

  • Explain what is supply chain management?
  • What are the key benefits of using Supply Chain process in an organization?
  • How do you transfer data from SAP ERP system to SCM system?
  • How do you manage cancelled goods issue for an order in SCM process?
  • What are the activities performed at operational level in logistics’?
  • What are the different stake holders in Supply chain process?
  • Explain demand planning process you have handled or handling.
  • How do you evaluate MRP run in SCM system?
  • What are the different resource types in SAP Supply Chain?
  • Explain what is the difference between logistics and transport?

SD – SAP Interview Questions:

  • What is SAP SD Module? What are the primary functions of Sales and Distribution?
  • What is Sales and Distribution life cycle? What are the key steps?
  • Explain how you can assign distribution channel to Sales Organization?
  • Which T-Code are using for SD and MM Integration?
  • Mention what are the Sales Document types in SAP?
  • What is the use of SAP FI in SAP Sales and Distribution?
  •  List out the five features you can control for the sale document type?
  • Which T-Code are using For SD and FICO Integration?
  • What is the use of Sales area?
  • What are the different Customer account groups that you can create in SAP SD?

APO – SAP Interview Questions

  • Can SAP APO and SAP R/3 installed on the same server? Can they use the same database?
  • Since SAP APO is a separate system, is it required to maintain the master data twice?
  • What is the difference between SAP APO Technical and Functional?
  • What is the shortcut to change location type in APO?
  • What is the process to copy planning versions in R/3?
  • What does APO stand for in SAP APO?
  • HOW does SAP R/3 Communicate with SAP APO?
  • What is an easy, cost efficient way of installing some standard SAP APO Scenarios?
  • How many database into APO system?
  • Which is the best institute to learn SAP APO? What Is The Market For Apo?


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