Check Out The Top 10 Best & Worst States for Jobs – 2019

Looking for a new job? Knowing the best locations to find the job you have in mind can help. Choosing the right state for the job. In Several Occupations are Virginia, Oregon, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Missouri, New Jersey, South  Carolina, and New Hampshire. Here is a list of the best jobs in the States of 2019, curated from job postings, salary and growth opportunity statisticsRead on to see the 10 best high-paying jobs in the States with salary data and job growth included from the United States. Along with Check Out The Top 10 Worst States for Jobs in 2019.


Top 10 Best States for Jobs

Following states have the lowest unemployment rates and highest job market growth and labor force participation.

State Job Market Rank
Colorado 1
Massachusetts 2
Oregon 3
Minnesota 4
Maryland 5
New Hampshire 6
Hawaii 7
Wisconsin 8
Utah 9
South Dakota 10
Washington 11
California 12
Michigan 13
Maine 14
Indiana 15
Iowa 16
Georgia 17
Virginia 18
New Jersey 19
Arizona 20
Nebraska 21
Missouri 22
Tennessee 23
Arkansas 24
Vermont 25
Pennsylvania 26
Delaware 27
Idaho 28
Florida 29
Ohio 30

The Worst States for Jobs

The worst state for jobs is West Virginia, and also following five are rounded out by Southwest and Southeast states New Mexico, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.


The highest monthly median starting salaries can be initiate mostly in Northeast states, including Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and The lowest median starting salaries are spread throughout the country like Arkansas, South Dakota, Montana, Mississippi and Idaho.

Golden Rules of Job Hunting

There are some golden rules you should always follow:

  • Understand your personal qualities – your strengths and weaknesses. If you make a list of these qualities, then you can able to draw them in an interview.
  • Mail your resume to the company, whenever possible. This shows that you have put in more effort, it allows you to be professional and creative in terms of presentation.
  • Research the employer thoroughly by visiting their website or by calling their offices to get more information of the company. The more you research the company, the better chance you will have at an interview.
  • Always practice as much as possible before you attend the interview.
  • When you have sent resume to any company, always follow up companies and call after 1 or 2 weeks to make sure that they have received your resume.

30 Best Jobs in United States

  • Data Scientist
  • HR Manager
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Analytics Manager
  • Communications Manager
  • Data Engineer
  • Tax Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Strategy Manager
  • Audit Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Corporate Recruiter
  • UX Designer
  • Solutions Architect
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • QA Manager
  • Controls Engineer
  • Nurse Manager
  • Compliance Manager
  • Mobile Developer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Executive Assistant
  • Technical Account Manager
  • Hardware Engineer

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