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Hotmail-DetailsAbout Hotmail: Hotmail has been replaced with Outlook.com is a simple way to get a free email address that is accessible from anywhere. Windows Live Webmail offers Web-based email services include Hotmail, MSN, Messenger, and SkyDrive password-protected online and access your inbox from desktop software like Mozilla or Microsoft Outlook.

Hot mail (Windows Live Webmail) has the benefit of being free, fast, seldom out of service, and it comes prepared with some great features, including a established anti-spam system, robust anti-virus and anti-phishing features.

Note: All Hotmail accounts are now accessible through Outlook.com.

Hot mail has moved out from end to end a number of changes over the last decade. Now it provides users with a variety of options including..,

  • Audio Players
  • Organization Tools, and
  • Spam Filtering.

Microsoft has integrated the email service with their Passport and MSN Messenger features. Hotmail (Outlook.com) is constantly improved and quiet remains one of the leading email service providers.

Hotmail History:

The meaning of Hotmail is HoTMaiL (the capital H, T, M, and L are homage to HTML). Hotmail is a free online email service introduced by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia in the year 1995 that was later developed by Microsoft in 1997 December. By 2001, Hotmail (Windows Live Webmail) had over 100 million users and had become one of the most popular webmail services available. It allowed users to read and send email everyplace there is Internet access. In 2013, Microsoft announced Hotmail replacing with Outlook.com

How to Create Hotmail Login Account

Hotmail and Outlook are now running normally. Hotmail Login account to Sign in hotmail.com easy. The step by step procedure to create a New Hotmail Account is very simple, follow the below provided process and sign up Hotmail Now.

Step by Step Procedure to create Hotmail Account:

1.Go to the Hotmail website i.e. www.hotmail.com.


  • There, you will be given the option to sign in, or to sign up with Windows Live and a Hotmail address.
  • If you already have a Windows Live account, do sign in or else click on the Sign Up button.
  1. Fill out the sign up page.


  • In the field marked 1 type your first name, (Example: Swetha) and type your surname, (Example: Medapalli).
  • The most important step 2 is Pick an ID (username, email) that you will remember

Name: The display name for your Outlook.com account (most likely simply your name in full)

  • In the field marked 3, you will need to create a password that you will remember.

Password: Your password or an App Password when you have Two-Step Authentication enabled for your

  • Then set a security question for password
  • In the field marked 4, select the Country you currently live in.
  • In the field marked 5, enter the Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY)
  • In the field marked 6, select your gender, by selecting the word male or female.
  • And then enter country code, phone number, and alternative email address
  • Then you will see a box of letters jumbled together. Look at them and enter the characters you see
  • Mark- send me promotional offers from Microsoft
  • At last click the create account

Features of Hotmail:

  • It provides users with unlimited storage option.
  • Users can send up to 25 MB of attachments with 10 GB using Microsoft Sky Drive.
  • Mail access features supported by Hotmail are EAS (Exchange Active Sync), IMAP and POP.
  • It’s free of cost but for ad-free Hotmail users have to pay 19.95$ per year.
  • It supports automatic email forwarding feature.
  • Mails can also be directed from other email address.
  • Users can connect to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Account gets expire after 9 months of inactivity. It comes with in-built ads.

 Difference Between Hotmail & Gmail:



Free Storage: 10 GB (with facility to buy extra storage)Free Storage: Unlimited Storage
Attachments Size: 25 MB with 10 GB using Google DriveAttachments Size: 25 MB with 10 GB using SkyDrive
Mail Access Feature: Exchange Active Sync(EAS), IMAP and POPMail Access Feature: Exchange Active Sync(EAS), IMAP and POP
Automatic Email forwarding: SupportedAutomatic Email forwarding: Supported
Sending Mails from other addresses: SupportedSending Mails from other addresses: Supported
Social Networking Support: Not SupportedSocial Networking Support: Yes with sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
Account Expiration: 9 months of inactivityAccount Expiration: 9 months of inactivity
Creation of Email aliases: Not supportedCreation of Email aliases: Supported
Cost: Free with cost for extra storage requirementCost: Free with ad free Hotmail costs 19.95$ per year


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