Make Money Using YouTube Videos [Ultimate Guide] – Tips, Tricks, Advertising, Income Potential, Required Software To Make Videos, Case Studies, YouTube Alternatives, etc

Become a YouTube ExpertYouTube Monetization Guide: Everyone likes to watch videos on the web. It’s hard to believe that people around the world spend most of the time on social media or by watching videos. From America to Africa people are enjoying watching videos on the internet.

These videos are not simply created for entertainment purpose. This is a big business model which is generating billions of dollars in revenue each year. Many people have benefited by uploading their videos and made huge money.  In this guide, we are going to explain different tips to start your YouTube earnings journey. Also, see how to mine bitcoins to earn money online. But before that pls read what is Bitcoin? and its comparison with the dollar and its history.

There are many websites offering video streaming services but most of them are very slow and filled with advertisements. But YouTube is different among them. It’s very fast with a beautiful and simple user interface. It’s hard to believe that this YouTube website is did not existed nine years ago.

How to Monetize YouTube Videos

How to Make Money Using WEB Videos

First of all, it’s very important to know how the large publishers are making money by uploading different types of videos on the internet. Later you can start uploading your own videos. But make sure that you are on the right way. Otherwise, you will end up with a lot of time waste. So our advice is “carefully observe what other publishers in the industry are doing?” and repeat that with your style after testing some strategies. There are different ways to make money using videos but YouTube is the best way. So read this guide completely to understand about YouTube monetization. But before going to that process please read how publishers are using Google services to improve their audience reach to make more money.

About Google Services Which Helps to Make Money Online

This website started as a video sharing site in 2005 and later acquired by internet giant Google for about 1.65 billion dollars. Later Google continued its development and integrated more features like monetization of user-uploaded videos using Google advertising services.  Not only that, acquisition of YouTube by Google made this website number one on the video streaming website because other videos streaming websites on the internet or in  Web sites in dark web are very slow and YouTube is using Google servers which are very fast and distributed around the worlds.

YouTube Trick – You can Download YouTube videos to watch offline multiple times without wastage of bandwidth. Use the YouTube downloader extension to do this task.

About Google Advertising services

Google is acting as a broker between the publishers and the advertisers. So publishers no need to worry to catch the advertiser’s attention. Google will take care of that. This is a big advantage for small and medium size publisher who are not able to convince each and every advertiser.  Google will take some commission and remaining amount will be yours.

This advertising service of Google is known as “Google AdSense”. You can use this AdSense account to make money from your website or from your uploaded videos. But getting an AdSense account and maintaining it with our disapproval is a very tough task.  You have to follow Google policies in order to get your account. If they found that your or not following their rules they will ban your AdSense account. So be careful and don’t do any illegal or policy violations.

Google AdSense Application

Note – There are so many rules you have to follow before applying to the AdSense account. So before starting application process read this post completely.

Using Google Advertising services to monetize your videos

First of all, you need to open a YouTube channel and upload some videos to your channel. Later you can apply for an AdSense account to make money from your uploaded videos. If an advertiser pays some money Google will take its share and remaining amount will be transferred into your bank account.  You have to reach some threshold amount to get your payment.

How Much Money You Can Make Using YouTube Videos

This depends on various factors. You need to get thousands of viewers to your videos if you are targeting a low currency value countries like India or Pakistan. But if you are targeting countries with a high currency value, you need to get some hundreds of views to make a dollar. If you are lucky and got thousands of views you can reach your threshold limit and get paid into your bank account.

Various factors influence on your earnings

Views – The more view you get more money you can make. But views are not only the factor. There are so many factors influencing your earnings. The views from different locations and diff type of audience also make an impact.

Location – Advertisers from Countries like USA, UK, Australia etc. will pay a huge amount of money. So location is an important factor

Video Length – This is one of the very important factors. If your videos are lengthy and audience are watching till the end. Your earnings will be high. Many advertisements will be displayed if the video length is long.

Live Videos – Doing a live video is a good idea because this type of videos can reach millions of audience that normal uploaded videos.

Niche – Choosing a right niche is tough, but it’s very important. If you choose a good niche will lot of advertisers waiting for this type of content, competition between the advertisers will increase and leads to more revenue. The one who pays more will be allotted an ad slot to display their ads.

Niche CTR – Users will click ads more frequently in some niches but not in other. If the audience in your niche clicking more ads that other your earnings will improve.

Channel Subscribers – Attracting a lot of subscribers to your channel is an added advantage, So that you can reach more viewers which lead to more video views. Ultimately make more money from your fans.

Generally, you can calculate your earnings like this. (Approx).. Varies from niche to niche and country to country.

Video ViewsEarnings
10002$ – 10$
10,00020$ – 100$
100,000200$ – 1000$
1 Million2000$ – 10000$
5 Million20000$ – 100000$
10 Million200000$ – 1000000$
100 Million2000000$ – 10000000$

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