Windows 10 Build Numbers with Version and Release History

Microsoft Windows 10 is the most popular pc operating system in the recent times. Microsoft has developed this windows 10 as an “Operating system as a service”. Here we listed the windows 10 build from starting to latest Windows 10 build along with their versions and release dates. For some versions download links are also provided.

New updates will be made available to its users. These updates consist of security patches, new features, and functionalities, augmented with the ability for enterprise environments to receive non-critical updates at a slower pace. These updates will be released in 3 rings. Insiders in the fast ring will receive these updates prior to those in slow rings.

Windows 10 Build, Version InformationList of Windows 10 Versions Along with Build Numbers

Code Name Version OS Build Availability Date
Threshold 1 1507 10240 7/29/2015
Threshold 2 1511 10586 10/11/2015
Redstone 1 1607 14393 2/8/2016
Redstone 2 1703 15063 5/4/2017
Redstone 3 1709 16299 17/10/2017
Redstone 4 1803 17101 Early 2018
Redstone 5 1809 17604 Late 2018

Latest News on 16th Feb 2018 is Microsoft released Windows 10 build 17101 and 17604 for Insiders in Fast and Skip Ahead.

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