What is Visa Debit Card Issue Number? Where is the issue number on a Visa Electron Card?

Info: What is Visa Debit Card Issue Number? This is the frequent question searching in Internet. Find out more about where is the issue number on a Visa debit card from here. Also Learn the different areas on the front and back of a debit card and its uses.


About VISA Card:

A credit, debit or prepaid card registered by Visa Inc., company. Visa Cards are available to individuals only. Visa Inc introduced a range of cards depending upon your requirement. These VISA Cards gives you access to your account whenever you want, wherever you are.

Banks right around the world offer their customers a range of different Visa cards. This includes Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum, Visa Signature, Visa Infinite, Un-Embossed Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Business and Visa Purchasing cards, etc

VISA Debit Card

VISA Debit Card allows you to purchase goods at Commercial Establishment and also gives freedom to withdraw cash from ATMs in India & abroad. VISA Card gives you the freedom of making the purchases without the disturbance of paying in cash. No need to carry the cash, your purchase amount will be debited to your account directly.

VISA Credit Card

VISA Credit Card used to obtain goods and services, which the buyer pays for later. VISA Credit Card can be used all over the world.

Observe the printed elements on Visa Card such as

  • Chip
  • Embossed card number
  • Valid from
  • Name of account holder
  • Until end
  • VISA brand mark
  • Visa payWave symbol
  • General enquiries
  • Magnetic stripe
  • Signature panel
  • Dove hologram
  • PLUS
  • CVV (Card Verification Value) also called Verification Code (V-Code), Card Security Code (CSC), and Card Code Verification (CCV). The CVV Number can be found on the back of the card either on the signature strip after the 16-digit credit card number, or on the signature strip after a 4-digit number.
  • If overseas, call

See the below image for clear picture about VISA Card and its details


What is Visa Debit Card Issue Number?

Are you searching what is Visa Debit Card Issue Number? Where is the issue number on a Visa Electron Card? Here we have cleared your doubt. Hope this article uses for your doubts that is…

The Issue number normally only exists on a debit card and is the single or double digit.


Visa card issue number is a one to two digit number printed on the front of your card. Some cards do not have an issue number. One of the security measures used for online purchases is through the Visa Card Issue Number.


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