7 Ways To Track Mobile Location Even in Silent Mode

Now-a-days, phones have become backbone of everyone’s life. People use them for everything they need to do. People use for chatting, store different types of files, capture photos & videos etc. People find it as an important part of the body and if they miss it, they feel sad and cannot tolerate anything until it is found. We generally find it by making a call to it, find it and receive it from the persons who found it. If the phone is in silent mode when it’s lost, and identified that it’s lost, then it is difficult to find it where is it lost. We can’t recollect it by recalling the events happened. The chances are less to find the phone in that way. The best way is to track the phone location by using various options even it is in the silent mode. So let’s see what is the procedure or options to find or Track Mobile Location Even in Silent Mode.

Track Mobile Location Even in Silent Mode

Track Mobile Location Even in Silent Mode

Here we provide some options to Track Mobile Location Even in Silent Mode. Just go through.

I Can’t Find My Phone:

If anyone found that they have lost their mobile/phone after making many trials, it is the easiest way to find the mobile/phone. Just go to the site “I Can’t Find My Phone” and enter the necessary details. Click on Find My Phone option placed on left side of the screen. Then we may find some questions like area code, first three digits of phone number and last four digits of phone number in three different boxes. Enter all the details of the lost phone and click on “HELLO?” Then the missed phone may be found. The phone loser should give the exact details to find the mobile location.

Android Locate Feature:

This method is useful for detecting when the phone is connected to internet i.e. either by using mobile data or home Wi-Fi. The Google dashboard provides user the option to locate the last known position of the phone on map. To activate one-time settings on the user’s Android, Open Security Settings and tap on Device Manager and next Turn-on the option for Android Device Manager and grant permission to lock, erase and change password remotely. Using this process, the user can find the phone anytime by opening Google and simply search Find My Phone. If the user is logged in using the credentials, the user will see a small frame on the page with mini map which pinpoints the location of the mobile and also gives the option to ring remotely. The mobile ring with full volume for 5 minutes and locate the phone.

Google Voice:

Google Voice is the best app to find the lost mobile easily. For that the user should first have Google Account and this feature helps the user to find the lost mobile by making calls to the number entered. As Life Hacker pointed out, it will still call the number until it is answered before voice mail. Later if it is not answered, it will take over. So the user should be sure while creating account.

Ring My Droid:

Using this app, the user can find the mobile location even if there is no internet connection. The user should first install the app Ring My Droid and after the app is installed, the user can set an SMS phrase and save the settings. When the user finds that the phone is lost, he should first grab the phone of their friends/spouse or anyone and send an SMS to their phone with the phrase saved in the app. The app will detect the incoming message and ring the phone even it is in silent mode. The important thing of this app is that the phrase should be remembered by the user and should be confidential.

Play Really Loud Music:

The important feature of this app is to set the speakers. The user should call the phone and walk around with music blaring from speakers. The annoying white noise the user and sometimes hear when the user make a phone call. If the user can get close to where the phone is hiding, the speakers can pick up the inference. If the user hear a crackling sound, the user know that it is closer to the user and the closer the user is, the louder it will sound and the user can find the phone easily.

Clap to Find App:

The phone is in flight mode and in this case, the clap of the user help to find out the phone. The user should first install the app Clap to find, and after installing, the user will be able to make the phone ring using three consecutive claps. When the user install the app, it will ask the user to configure the sound of the clap and set the sensitivity. The user can choose the ring, vibrate and turn on the flashlight of the app using the settings. And finally, to find the phone the user should clap three times and if it is set to right sensitivity level, the phone will ring even in silent mode.

Smartphone Apps:

There are number of apps in which the user can find it using McAfee’s Wave Secure app that lets the user to track the user’s device online via GPS or text message. It allows the user to remove lock or wipe the user’s phone even if the SIM card is changed. It works with Android, Blackberry, and iPhone, Window Phone, Symbian and Java Platforms. This app is available at a cost of $20 annually and there are some other mobile tracking apps free for Android devices.


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