Tinder Plus: How To Subscribe & How To Cancel Tinder Plus

If you guys are Tinder users and want to get details about How to subscribe tinder plus? Read out our article for complete guidance regarding tinder plus like what is tinder plus? Ways to subscription, cancel options along with free tinder plus usage ideas etc. We hope this information is useful to our users who are frequently searching for Tinder plus subscription plans.

Tinder Plus

Tinder is one of the most popular matching and rapidly growing dating app. Meeting people on Tinder is easy with a straight forward and swiping user interface which makes accessing profiles and finding matches is fun and easy. Tinder launched its plus subscription to avail some more features to its users.

What is Tinder Plus?

Tinder plus is a subscription plan for tinder users. This subscription plan was launched by tinder on March 1, 2015. This Tinder plus is a paid service for its users to avail extra features. Tinder plus allows its users to access to their most requested features through passport and rewind, and also unlimited liking capabilities.

The passport feature of Tinderplus helps you to change your current location to connect to people across the world. You can search by city or drop a pin on the map and can begin swiping, matching and chatting with tinder users of different locations.

In tinder if you are swiping and when you swipe any photo then again you can’t swipe back and see the image. But in Tinder plus the rewind feature helps you to swipe back the previous photos and can see the details. Get them back with a touch of a button. Tinderplus allows its users to get unlimited right swipes and they can like as many users they want.

How To Subscribe For Tinder Plus

Tinder plus is an in-app subscription with more features. If you want to subscribe for Tinder plus then just tap on the yellow arrow present on the home page of the app and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. If you already subscribed for Tinder plus and still it is asking you to subscribe then try restoring your purchase.

If you are an android user then follow below steps to subscribe for Tinder plus.

  • Open Tinder app on your Android device.
  • Now go to settings.
  • Then select app settings.
  • Now hit on “restore Purchase” button.

If you are an iPhone user then follow the listed process.

  • Open Tinder app on your iPhone.
  • Now select arrow button on the main screen.
  • Then hit “restore Purchase” which is at bottom of the screen.

Steps To Change Payment Information

If you are a Tinderplus subscriber and want to change your payment information, then follow the simple steps mentioned here.

For Android Users

  • Open Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Select menu icon and tap on “My Account”
  • Touch “add payment method” or “edit payment method”.
  • If accepted, sign in to Google wallet and follow the instructions on the screen.

For Apple Users

  • Go to settings on your iPhone.
  • Select iTunes & apps store.
  • Now tap on your Apple id.
  • Then select “view apple ID”
  • Now select “Payment Information” and update your payment information
  • And now select ‘done”.

Please keep in note that payment methods accepted for both Android and iPhone users can be done only by using credit and debit cards. Make sure that you have entered your payment details accurately.

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How To Cancel Tinder Plus Subscription

If you are tinder plus subscriber and anytime if you want to cancel tinder plus you can do it anytime easily. The cancellation process is different for Android users and iPhone users.

Steps to Cancel Tinder Plus Subscription on iPhone, iPad or iTouch

  • Go to app store on your apple device.
  • Scroll down to bottom.
  • Touch on apple ID
  • Tap on view Apple ID.
  • Enter your login details which you have entered at time of purchase.
  • Select subscriptions and tap on manage button.
  • Now, select tinder and set the auto-renewal slider to off or select unsubscribe button.

Steps to Cancel Tinder Plus Subscription on Android Device

  • Open Google Play store on the android device.
  • Search for tinder and select tinder from the search results.
  • Tap on cancel or unsubscribe.
  • Now select on conform.

So follow the above steps to cancel tinderplus subscription on your iOS and Android devices. Deleting the app or your account does not cancel your cancellation. After cancellation you will be able to use Tinder plus for the remaining days that you have already paid for. As you canceled your subscription it will not ask you for renewal and you can again opt it anytime. Cancelling your subscription will not automatically refund your subscription payments.

Requesting For Tinder Plus Refund

For iOS users

If you subscribed to TinderPlus using your Apple ID then refunds are done by Apple and not by tinder. Follow the steps to get refund

  1. First go to iTunes.
  2. Click on your Apple ID.
  3. Select “Purchase History”
  4. Now find the transaction and hit on “report problem”

If you subscribed to Tinder plus using your android device then send an email to [email protected] with your order number and they will process your request as soon as possible.

Generally app purchases or charges made in tinder are refundable. But tinder has an exception that it might refund the money if you asked within 14 or 15 days of the purchase date or transaction date.

How To Avail Tinder Plus For Free

Tinder Plus Free

Getting tinder plus for free is not possible. Hackers might found a way to avail tinder plus for free. But for ordinary people they have to find alternative solutions to enjoy features of tinder plus for free. If you can’t afford to pay full amount then try Tinderplus promo code at the time of your checkout to get some discount. You can easily avail tinder plus for free by changing some settings in your phone. Follow the simple steps

  • Go to settings on your phone
  • Find date and time option
  • Turn off automatic date and time
  • Change time till tomorrow (don’t forget to close tinder app)
  • After you have done, go back to app and continue swiping

So these are the steps to subscribe tinder plus, cancel tinder plus and avail tinder plus for free. Hope you like this article. Please bookmark our site for further updates. Thank you for visiting our site @www.dreamaim.com

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