The Meaning of 10 Common Dreams

According to The Dream Encyclopedia: The word “dream” originates from the German word “Draugmas”, meaning deception, illusion, or phantom, or from the Old Norse word Draugr, meaning ghost or apparition.

Some believe it the word “Dream” could also be related to the Sanskrit word “Druh”, which means seek to harm or injure.

You know the average person has 1,460 dreams per year and this equates to 4 dreams per night!

Following dreams seem to a be a recurring theme in many people’s lives, and provide answers to questions that the conscious mind simply cannot know.

The Meaning of 10 Common Dreams

The Meaning of 10 Common Dreams

DeathThere’s An Important, Dramatic Change In Your Life
SpidersThe Dreamer Is Being Manipulated
Being ChasedYou May Be Avoiding Something In Your Waking Life That Needs Your Attention
Falling Uncontrollably From A Great HeightLack Of Control Over Your Life Circumstances; Something In Your Life Is Moving Rapidly In The Wrong Direction
Being LostWorry About Finding Your Way With A New Life Situation
NudityYou’re Feeling Exposed or Vulnerable
ParalysisYou’re Lacking Control In Your Life Over Something Important
Losing Your TeethThere’s A Situation In Your Waking Life That Represents A Lack Of Confidence
Pregnancy & BirthCreativity And The Desire To Generate A New Idea
BabyThere’s Something New In Your Waking Life



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