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SAP Course Details: Many people are frequently searching for the SAP Course details. S A P stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing and it is one of the most popular and useful certification to boost individual career. This information may help to find the answer for questions like what is sap course, what is sap software etc. SAP definition is for the ERP software and same name for the company also.

SAP Course Details

Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP) means a German multinational software company. It makes the enterprise software to manage business operations. These enterprise software’s are also known as ERP’s.

Now you may have a doubt “What is ERP?”. SAP ERP is enterprise resource planning software developed by the German company SAP SE. ERP’s are the set of important tools which are used to handle the business processes like inventory management, human resources management, Sale management, Customer relationship management etc. There are so many ERP software’s for different tasks ex. Microsoft Dynamics is an important alternative for S.A.P. The latest version (SAP ERP 6.0) was made available in 2006. There are many online and cloud based ERP’s available in the market.

Importance of SAP

Many companies widely use the S.A.P system for daily operations and reporting. More than 120 countries around the world, Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing is present. SAP handle to build up a user base of more than 12 million clients around the world. SAP course completed candidates can improve their chances in the job market. They are experienced in the designing input screens, creating ware houses of info, essential programming skills etc. to perform many tasks in the business.

What is SAP Certification?

SAP Certification is an exam conducted by SAP AG (a public limited company), it is increasingly becoming important for the career of employees. SAP certifications help validate the expertise and experience of SAP partners, software users, customers and professionals who are looking to be placed in a SAP environment. SAP is a globally recognized business platform in various functional fields including Financial Accounting and Controlling (FICO), Production Planning (PP) and Materials Management (MM). The SAP Certification is most demand in both production facilities are managerial workplaces, with companies coming up with a wide spectrum of SAP facilitated modules.

SAP certification is divided into 2 types of courses

  • One being more functional and
  • The other being more technical

The S.A.P Certification is identified globally and is a standardized criterion for various roles and responsibilities. Click here for More SAP Certification Details

SAP Courses in India, USA, UK

In fact, SAP Training is available in Institutes held over SAP Courses in India, USA, SAP Course in Pune, SAP Courses in Mumbai, SAP Course in Delhi, SAP Course in Hyderabad, SAP Course in Chennai, SAP Course in Kolkata. SAP training can take many forms and among the various modules offered on SAP.

SAP Modules

By specializing in any of the sap module a candidate can enhance their career. A SAP system is divided into Different modules. But having a certification not guarantees the job or success because skills and experience plays a key role along with experience. Below is the list of some important ERP SAP modules used by organization

Technical Grade SAP Modules

  • ABAP (Mainly programming using ABAP. Having programming knowledge is good.)
  • BASIS etc.

Functional Grade SAP Modules

  • SAP Financial Accounting (FI)
  • SAP Controlling (CO)
  • SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • SAP Production Planning (PP)
  • SAP Materials Management (MM)
  • SAP Quality Management (QM)
  • SAP Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • HRM (Human Resources Management)
  • CRM (Customer Relation Management)
  • SCM (Supply Chain Management)
  • SD with CIN etc.

SAP Course Details – Online Training

Hi students!! Welcome to sap online training’s. Many of online coaching sites are providing the Entire SAP modules, courses, and best sap online training institute services, professional SAP Experts, SAP Tutorials.

List of Institutes for SAP Training Courses in India:

  • INFINITI Consulting, Hyderabad
  • Path Reminder Software Solutions, Hyderabad
  • Soft Learn Technologies Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad
  • Sky Info Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Unisoft India

List of Top SAP Training Institutes in Canada.

NameLocation in Canada
IIBSMississauga & Toronto
2i SolutionsMississauga Ottawa Toronto
Global ERPBrampton,Toronto
MLCMississauga Calgary
PuresNorth York
ERP MasteringToronto

Eligibility for SAP Course

Candidate need to be a Graduation in Engineering or Science/ Commerce is the educational qualification for SAP.  If the candidate has any experience in the relevant fields like production, purchase or other it will be an added advantage to grab the related SAP Module.

About SAP Fee Structure

SAP Course is very expensive but it’s a very valuable course to boost your career. There are so many modules and S.A.P course fees for each module are different. Average course fee ranges up to Rs.3.5 lakhs for entire course and also depends on the institution. If coaching is taken from the Authorized institution then the cost will be high when compared to normal institutions.

Duration of SAP Course

There is no specific time duration for this course. However the time duration may last for 8 weeks to 12 weeks if you go for full time course.

SAP Course Syllabus

SAP provides various options for accessing training and knowledge to suit your circumstances and requirements. Students can find some information in the following link.

This is all about SAP Course Details. If you want any more info please go through below articles.

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