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Do you love PS3 games? Want to play PS3 games on your android device? Emulators help you to play PS3 games on android. Here in this article, we are providing top 7 PS3 emulator for android.

PS3 Emulator

Play station games are the popular games from early days. There are many different kinds of games available in play station. Play station games are more powerful than our present android devices. So, play station games are not supported for android devices. But there is a solution to enjoy playing play station3 games on your android device by downloading PS3 emulator for your android device.

An emulator is defined as a hardware or software which enables one system to work like another system. Any latest version of PS3 emulator can be downloaded for free on your android device. There are many different PS3 emulators available in the market which allows you to play PS3 games on your android device. Out of them here we are providing top 7 PS3 emulator for android.

Top 7 PS3 Emulator For Android

1. Drastic DS Emulator

Drastic DS emulator is one of the best PS3 emulator for android. Drastic DS emulator is the most efficient Nintendo DS emulator. There are many interesting features for this emulator. Drastic DS emulator is a paid service and it costs you $7.99 to download the emulator for your android device. Once you downloaded this PS3 emulator you can enjoy playing any PS3 game on your android device. The features of this emulator include doubles the games 3D’s graphics of their original resolution, you can change the size of DS screens, increases emulation speed with fast-forward, save and resume your progress anywhere with save states.

2. C64.EMU

C64.EMU is another best  PS3 emulator for android. C64.EMU stands for Commodore 64 emulator. This emulator was based on VICE 2.4.20. This app includes the features which help to run majority of the games with additional functions which will come in future. This app is tested on many different android devices and works on any android device. Some of the best features of this emulator are the emulator have fastSID and ReSID sound modes, it can save states, it supports NTSC/PAL, and works in any location. To install this emulator on your android device you have to pay $3.99.

3. ePSXe

ePSXe is another great PS3 emulator for android. To install this emulator on your android devices it costs you $3.75. This emulator has high compatibility and gives good performance for almost every titles. This emulator is designed for a smart phone including a 2 player’s option with split screen mode. This emulator is easy to use when compared to other emulators. This emulator also supports customizable controls, save and load states, open GL enhanced graphics and hardware controller support.

4. ClassicBoy

Classicboy is most popular PS3 emulator for android. This emulator is available for free and also available for paid service which provides some additional features. This emulator builts itself as an all-in-one emulator. To avail advanced features of this emulator you have to pay $3.99 to get the emulator. This emulator is good for small storage android devices. This emulator supports a variety of consoles. Some of them include Nintendo 64, NeoGeo and NES. The features of this emulator include audio reverb, touch screen input from graphic buttons and gestures/sensor settings.

5. MatSu

MatSu is another popular PS3 emulator for android. This emulator is same like classic boy emulator but it is multi-console emulator. The supported consoles of this emulator are WSC, SNES,GBA and GBC. This emulator is not perfect in case of multi-console, but it is perfect in case of sole console. This emulator supports various functions such as rewind, state save and fast-forward. This emulator is available for free and for paid service of paying $7.99 to install the emulator. In free version it will annoy with lot of advertisements and by opting for paid service you can enjoy ad free emulator to play PS3 games.

6. FPse

FPse emulator is better PS3 emulator for android. It is the biggest emulators for android device. To download this emulator on your device there is a need to pay $3.63. This emulator is the fastest and most compatible PSone emulator for handheld devices. This emulator has advanced options and plugins that help you to play games just right on the device. The features of this emulator are high sound quality, supports for android versions from 2.3 to 8, shaders to remove the software rendering and high compatibility.

7. MD.emu

MD.emu is another top  PS3 emulator for android. This is advanced open-source Sega genesis, Sega CD, Mark III emulator based on portions of Genesis plus/Gens/Picodrive. The price to download this emulator is $4.99. This emulator supports most gamepads and cheats codes. There are quite interesting features of this emulator some of them include gun support, very accurate sound emulation, 6-button controller and 4-player multi support, SVP chip support for Virtua racing and works in any orientation.

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