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If you are a Pokemon fan and looking for best Pokezz Alternatives for Pokemon Go Game, then this post helps you. Currently in this article, we are providing you complete wiki details on best pokezz alternative apps for Pokemon go.

Pokezz Alternative Apps for Pokemon Go

Pokezz is a tracker application for Pokemon Go users. Pokemon Go is one of the best game for Pokemon fans. PokeZZ allows its user to catch the Pokemon that the user needs to trace the exact location. The best features of this pokezz are user will be able to know the time duration after which Pokemon will get disappear from one location. PokeZZ gives the exact location of Pokemon for sniping users or players need to catch.

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games today worldwide. So many people are crazy about this game when it was introduced. Here we are providing list of best Pokezz alternatives which will be useful for you to play Pokemon Go game. The Pokezz alternatives are developed to boost the Pokemon Go experience of gaming. These alternatives are best technical ones and come with additional advanced features.

List of top five PokeZZ Alternatives

Let us know list out the top five alternatives for PokeZZ for android. Check the list of top 9 Alternative below and choose any one of them.

  1. Pokemap
  2. Pokehunter
  3. PokeSnipper
  4. Poke Sensor
  5. Pokedex
  6. PokeSpawns
  7. Poke Track
  8. PokeGoSnipers
  9. PokeWhere

Best Pokezz Alternatives Apps


Pokemap is one of the best alternative apps for Pokezz. The app comes with additional features which helps users to play better game than earlier. This app is for android mobile users who like to play Pokemon GO earlier. This app helps users to find Pokemon on a larger area. You just need to download the app and install the app on your device. After the app is installed you have to register and login to poker map. This app is available for free. The size of the app is very less it is just 5.5 MB. The new version of this app comes with reliable search option.


PokeSpawns is one of the best alternatives of Pokezz apps. This app is built by PokeHuntr, which is a Pokemon location and a spawn tracker. Pokespawns is actually a website and this one helps you to trace all the rarest and legendary Pokemon around your field. With the help of Pokespawns you can catch the Porygon which is one of the rarest Pokemon. Using this app you will know the exact location of the Pokemon where you can track and catch it easily. This website is mainly used to find the rare and legendary Pokemon which are hard to catch and hard to find.


Pokehunter is another best alternative of Pokezz. This app is a Pokemon type scanner app. This app is available for Android devices. This app allows you to select any location across the world. This app is easy to use and will scan and find the Pokemon found at that particular location. This app can be easily downloaded and installed on your device. Just open the official website and put your location in the location box and then press the enter key.


PokeSniper is another great alternative for Pokezz. This app is available for free for android users. This app comes with quickly tracking, sniper and catching facilities. This app allows you to catch the Pokemon very quickly with the level IV. The PokeSniper lets you track the location of Pokemon with level 4 90+, so you can only catch very high-level Pokemon. This app makes the tracing easier by sending you automatic notifications. By allowing automatic notifications you no need to check for notifications. The app also comes with premium features but user needs to buy it to use them.

Poke Track

Poke track is another good alternative app for Pokezz. This app is incredible and 100% working app. This app is accessible for Android users. This app filters for all the Pokemon and shows about their name, IV rate level, Moves and different highlights and all features of each Pokemon recorded on the guide. The app also have additional feature which enables you to sift through Pokemon that you want. The app also has a facility to notify you when the Pokemon has discovered by setting a custom notification sound.


Pokedex is another cool alternative for Pokezz app. This app is developed for the purpose which will give you perfect result to find Pokemon. This app is very accurate and gives verified information of any Pokemon you are searching for. This app makes easier to catch the Pokemon that you desire just by separating Pokemon into categories. Pokedex is a free app available for Android users. The app has simple interface and is user-friendly.

Poke Sensor

Poke Sensor is another awesome alternate app for Pokezz. This app is a customizable and also a free scanner to find Pokemon. This app is interesting and comes with lot of features. You can also adjust these features manually. The app allows users to change the scanning speed from a certain distance. This app is very easy to use and it has an amazing interface. After completion of scanning for the Pokemon, it will view user from a radius of about 2km the exact location of Pokemon. The app also has facilities like notification and background running.


PokeGoSnipers is another beautiful app which is alternative for Pokezz. PokeGoSnipers is a website which gives you real-time sniper news for Pokemon as well as its coordinates for its location. This website only shows rare and legendary Pokemon which is, quite good. The one disadvantage of this PokeGoSnipers is that it only works on Mobile (Android/iOS) devices. This website shows nothing on PC or Mac. This is free to download and it has a good user interface.


Pokewhere is another good alternative for Pokezz app. This is a scanner app when you just installed it once, it scans and shows all the Pokemon around you in real time entity. After installing this app, you need to run it and then only you will be able to discover all the Pokemon around you and catch them. This app is available for free and can be installed for Android devices.

So, these are the best Pokezz alternative apps for Pokemon Go game. If you have any other alternative then please comment below, we will update as soon as. Stay connects for more regular updates.

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