How to Play Dream League Soccer Online (Complete Guide)

Here in this article, we are providing you complete guide for how to play dream league soccer online. If you are a fan of soccer and want to play the best game like FIFA then Dream league Soccer is the best game for you. Most of us know about the actual FIFA game, but Dream League is not one to look like the FIFA game.

Play Dream League Soccer Online

What is Dream League Soccer?

Dream League Soccer is a video game which allows you to build your own dream team. You can recruit super players to come play for you. You can compete to be the best team in the world. Yes, you can reach the top position on the game by winning competitions. There are also some cool things you can do on this game like build your own stadium. Some of the features of Dream League Soccer game are:

  • Be the Manager of Your Team

You can sign players and choose the formation you want. Once you are ready with your team, you can take your team through the six different leagues and compete to the number one position. It depends on you and the game is actually pretty neat that you have control over your own team.

  • The Game Play Is Realistic

The developers made the visuals and tried to make it as realistic as possible.

  • Perks of Playing Online

As it is online game you will be played with teams all over the world. The more you win the top position you will reach.

  • Build your own stadium
  • Ability to develop players.
  • Licensed FIFA players to choose from.
  • Game Center achievements.
  • Constant update of leader boards.
  • Sync game progress with other devices through iCloud.
  • Objectives throughout the season for you to beat.
  • Replay certain moments and save them so you can see them later.

Wanna Play Dream League Soccer Online?

If you are interested in playing dream league soccer game for free there are few ways to play the game. You can download Dream League Soccer game for your smart phone from apple app store or from Google play store. The game is compatible with both PCs and Macs. You can download Dream League Soccer game either from apple play store or from Google play store. After visiting the store all you need to do is install the game.

If you are downloading it on your apple device, make sure that you are connected to Wi-Fi. The game is 100mb size so to download it requires internet connection. Once game is downloaded you can play it anywhere.

The download of the game is really simple and it is free to download. If you play Dream League Soccer on PC then you need to install android emulators like Blue stacks, Andy and Xeplayer. Download the emulator on your PC and install dream league soccer game from there.

So now you have downloaded the game and now all you need to do is start playing.

How Do I Get Started?

Before you start playing the game, first you need to set up your team with good players. You need to input a nickname that will be used to identify you on leaderboards. To keep setting your team, follow these things:

  • You can select a team captain from five or six players, so choose wisely.
  • After clicking continue for two times and reading some tips and rules, you will be navigated to the home menu. This is the place where you will make all team decisions and find your next matches.

On starting of the Dream league Soccer game it gives you 1,000 coins. On the home menu of the game you will see the options to “play now, multiplayer, transfers, my club and team management.” If you have any doubts then you can find them on help. Check your profile and take a look to know how many coins you have.

Team Management

In team management section you will be seen the lineup of your players on the field and the players you have available for substitution. You can choose to have a moderate, attack or defensive lineup. You can also choose players set up in formations like:

  • 5-4- 1
  • 5-3- 2
  • 3-4- 3
  • 3-5- 2
  • 4-3- 3
  • 4-2- 4
  • 4-5- 1
  • and many more


This is the place where you can sign and sell players. After each game different players will be available and you can choose any player among them. You can go through the list of players and can check each player stats. If you want the specified player, then click on the players and you will be asked if you want to sign the specific player. You can also buy players by clicking on “sell player.” It’s really simple to help build and create the team you think will be most successful.

My Club

When you open My Club you can choose certain things like:

  • Dream FC Stadium: you can design and create the stadium in your desired way.
  • Statistics: you can check overall stats, academy division, global challenge cup and elite cup.
  • Customize Team: You can edit your team, players, kit and logos.
  • Player Development: here you can get the players whose skills want to develop and get better.
  • Objectives: You can see the tasks which you suppose to complete throughout the game.
  • Training: Allows you to train your team and the functions.


You can play dream league soccer online in multiplayer mode. The multiplayer gaming mode allows you to play online against other player. If you win a match you will get three coins, for a draw match you will get one point. So by playing online you can increase your scores on leaderboards for the online community to see. You can also complete seasons through online play. So, playing in this mode is really like playing in a tournament and you can also get to play other built up teams by online users.

Play Now

You can play Dream league Soccer game online by visiting the below mentioned link. By visiting the below link you can get info to play dream league soccer online.

Click Here: Play Dream League Soccer Game Online For Free

So, this is all about how to play dream league soccer online. If you have any questions regarding this post, please do comment below, we will reach you as soon as. Thank you for watching our site @



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