Websites/Apps like Pinterest – Top 8 Pinterest Alternatives

If you love Pinterest and searching for Websites/Apps like Pinterest then you are on the right page. Here in this post, we are providing Top 8 Pinterest Alternatives website and apps.

Pinterest Alternatives

Pinterest is a software system designed to discover information on World Wide Web. It is a great platform to share stuff and follow content categories you like. Pinterest is a catalogue of ideas rather than as a social network. By Pinterest’s popularity, there has been a raise too many similar websites and apps. If you are looking for pinterest alternative websites and apps then please refer this article. The Pinterest has various amazing features like pins, boards, exploring and following.

Best Alternatives to Pinterest

  • Dribble
  • We Heart It
  • Fancy
  • PearlTrees
  • VisualizeUs
  • Hometalk
  • DudePins
  • FoodGwaker
  • Chill
  • ImageSpark

Top 8 Pinterest Alternatives Websites and Apps

1. Dribble

Like Pinterest dribble is another social media network. Dribble is aimed for designers. Dribble is a platform where designers get inspired and hired. Dribble’s user interface is same like Pinterest which makes it users feel like there are browsing in the Pinterest home. Similar like Pinterest dribble has small blocks of content uploaded by different designers. Dribble provides tons of designs for web, posters, logo, pixel art, graphics and more. There is a need for signing up to access on this site.

2. We Heart It

We Heart It is particularly for teenagers. Pinterest is not really aimed at teenagers then we heart it is a perfect choice. We heart it is the younger version of Pinterest. This was mostly used by teens and college girls. The app/website provides info on latest fashion trends, outfits and quotes. The user interface of this site was very cool. You can discover things on this site by the search tool available on the home page. You can get details regarding fashion, tattoos, nail designs, quotes and wallpapers.

3. Fancy

Fancy is the best place where you can find amazing stuff, collect things you love and buy it at one place. Similar to Pinterest it brings a list of different fancy products. Fancy is a social photo sharing and e-commerce website which allows users to buy the product they deserve it. There is a surplus of cool products, categorized under gadgets, art, home and clothing. You can find the most stunning gift ideas from this site. Fancy has features like promotions, gifting, fancy box and contribution.

4. PearlTrees

PearlTrees is very similar to Pinterest. In Pinterest pins and boards are used and in pearltrees trees and pearls concept is used. There is a need to create your account to organize all your interests. It is a platform to share and organize things you like. It is free and quick to use. You can save web pages, files, photos and notes on pearltrees. It has an updated user interface which is functional. Once you started sharing on this site it shows all other trees similar to yours.

5. VisualizeUs

VisualizeUs is a decent platform where you can share pictures and videos. It is similar to Pinterest but of its browser extension you can add more images across the web and share on this platform. The home page of this site provides fresh ideas every day. You can discover people’s favourite images and bookmark your favourite ones around the web. The platform has very active community and discovers features based on user’s interest.

6. Hometalk

If you want a Pinterest alternative for home décor ideas then hometalk is the right choice. The site has a million of DIY projects available for your home. The site provides various ideas regarding home decor from the awesome community. This site provides home decor tips like a bedroom, dining room ideas etc. it deals with various other topics like gardening, doors, floors and kitchen designs. You can ask questions on this site and get good ideas from a pool of communities. There is a need to sign up on the site.

7. DudePins

DudePins is the best website for men. It is a site to discover everything for men. There is a need to sign up on the site. The user interface of this site is pretty good. The home page has categories where you can find latest stuff and collections. The site allows its users to save and share the coolest stuff. It provides various categories regarding to men like cars rides, art design, music, fitness etc.

8. FoodGwaker

FoodGwaker has various collections of food recipes images. There is a need to sign up on the site. You can find plenty of food recipes. There are categories like vegan, vegetarian, bread, pasta & noodles etc. you can search for any recipe on this site. It provides the latest recipe on this site. FoodGwaker allows you to feed your eyes. It is the perfect site to find best recipes of your desired taste.

These are the Best Top 8 Pinterest Alternatives websites and apps. If you have any doubts regarding this post please do comment below. We will reach you as soon as. Thank you for watching our site Stay connects for regular updates.


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