The Next Generation Emoji Will Depend On Your Facial Expression

In present internet generation, everyone is fond of emojis. Emojis are used in many social media networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat and on many more. According to the latest wiki, the next generation emoji will depend on your facial expression. So now in this article, we are providing latest updates on next generation emoji.

Next Generation Emoji

A new app is trying to make it easy to benefit you to react to photos and videos posted by your friends online. The app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to capture your facial expressions and instantly convert them into a variety of emoji faces. There is no faking of your feelings with these social icons.

One of the cofounders of Polygram Maric Kmiec says that app’s AI works by capturing your face with the front cam on your phone and analyzes sequences of images as quickly as possible, instead of looking at specific points on the face like nose and pupils. He also says that using iPhone’s graphics processing unit this is done directly on your phone.

The app trying to convert your facial expressions into emojis is “Polygram” app. This Polygram app is available for iPhone users for free. It is a social app that lets you share things like photos, videos and messages to your friends. Unlike on other social media apps like say Facebook you have to select from a wide range of emojis to select from beyond clicking a little thumps-up icon. Polygram app uses a neural network that runs on the phone to trace out if you are smiling, bored, crying, cheerful, frowning, surprised, embarrassed and more and instantly sends the specified emoji to your friends.

When you look at a post in this app (for now the post seem to consist of a suspicious amount of luxury vacation spots, fancy cars and women in tight clothing), you will see a yellow emoji on the bottom of the display, its expression changes along with your real expression on your face. There is a slight delay of 20 milliseconds, between what you are expressing on your face and what shows up in the app. The app records your expression in a little log of emoji on the side of the screen, along with emojis of others who have already looked at the same post.

The app is obviously designed to request to those who really care about how they are supported on social media. Users can see a score of the emoji reactions for their posted videos and photos on the app, as well as details like who looked at the post, how long they looked it, and where they are located. This is helpful for some great users, but not for those who are suspicious about how their activity is tracked, even when it’s anonymized.

For many app makers like Instagram or Snapchat, it is difficult to succeed in social media. There are countless app makers that failed to catch on (remember Secret Or Google+ or Path or Yik-Yak).

Polygram app founders say that they are concentrating on using the technology in their own app and they said that it will be soon launched in many other apps. They also said that soon they will release software tools that help other developers to come up with their own applications for the technology.

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