Listen to Music on Facebook With Spotify, Slacker, Myspace, Saavan, More

If you like listening to music on social media network Facebook along with your friends then this article helps you. Here in this article, we are providing info on how to play music on Facebook? How to find who is listening to music? and listening music with friends and listen to music with Spotify, Slacker, Myspace, Saavan more.

Music on Facebook

Facebook is the best social networking website used by many people. Facebook is mainly used for communication purpose. But recently Facebook has launched a new facility on its server to listen to music along with friends. You can enjoy listening music along with your friends using your Facebook account. With the new Facebook ‘listen with’, you can listen and sing songs along with your friends and can share the experience with your friends. There is no need to update your status while listening, instead the music you play automatically reflected on your chat sidebar of Facebook and your friends can join in your chat and listen to songs.

How to Play Music on Facebook

There are 3 steps involved to listen music on Facebook. First you should log in to your Facebook account.

How to Play Music on Facebook

Step 1 – Go to Facebook Music

After logging into your Facebook account go to Facebook music page ( There you will see a list of latest albums with music tracks powered by Myspace, Saavan, Spotify and Slacker. Some apps are not supported in some countries. You can also find music page on Facebook wall by accessing it from the left menu under the apps category.

Step 2 – Add Application to Facebook

When you are on Facebook music page, select any music to play and a pop-up window will ask you to add service to your Facebook. Then simply click on “Add to Facebook” button. Now the pop-up window will add Myspace application to your Facebook account. After adding Myspace you will be asked to add other apps like Spotify, Saavan, Slacker and more.

Step 3 – Play

Once you added music apps on your Facebook account it will open a new tab on your Facebook page and redirect you to Myspace, Spotify, Saavan or Slacker page the page loads and the song you selected starts playing. Next time when you select play music on Facebook then a pop-up window will ask you to open new page or not to play the song.

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How to Find Who is Listening to Music On Facebook

Facebook music updates itself and you will be able to see who listening music on Facebook. Your friends are also able to know if you are listening, so that they can join along with you to listen song or can comment below or can start a conversation.

There are many ways to find if you are friends are listening to music.

1. Facebook Wall

On your Facebook wall page, check the status updates on the right side of the page. If your friend is listening to music you will find the track icon. Click on the track icon to get complete details of the song and you can comment on it and by clicking on play button you can also listen to that song.

2. Facebook Timeline

On the Facebook timeline page, you will be check for the statuses of music and recently played music and this will be updated automatically. Just by simply clicking on the play button music will be played on your Facebook account.

3. Facebook Chat Side Bar

If your friend is listening music on Facebook then on Facebook chat side bar a music symbol will be displayed next to your friend’s name.  The chat side bar updates and when you find the symbol you can listen to track along with your friend and you can also start chat with your friend.

Listening Music With Your Friends

You can listen to music on Facebook, and can see if your friends are listening to music. Listening together with your friends and also chatting is also possible in Facebook. But this feature is available for only some music apps like Spotify and Rdio. When this is available simply hover over your friends name and a new pop-up will show the music details. Then click on the listen with button and you can also chat with them. If more friends listening to music then it will automatically become a group chat.

So this is the new feature on Facebook to listen music on Facebook along with your friends. If you like this article please shares it along with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. Thank you for visiting our site

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