Infographics: Why to Use, How to Use and Where to Use (Answer Updated)

InfographicsInformation about Infographic

The meaning of infographic is an “information graphic.” It is basically a design where some section of information is going to be collected and placed in a graphical format.  An infographic is one of the most useful styles of graphical items that can be used everywhere in a report, a website or any other place where data has to be simply obtainable. A worthy infographics can be an effective substantial to use on everything.

Types-of-InfographicsWords infographics can be used in an infinite number of combinations to analyse, explain and ignite passion in the reader. There are certain factors you need to consider if you want to use infographics. Here you can read some reasons to start using more infographics.

  • They are attractive
  • They have the potential to go viral
  • They are easy to share
  • They help with SEO
  • They’re usable on multiple platforms
  • They show how smart you are
  • They are analytics-friendly

Anyone can create an awesome infographic with the following 4 simple steps. They are

  • Change the images and Upload your own images
  • Change the fonts. Choose your favorite fonts.
  • Change the background.
  • Change the colors

Why Use Infographics:


  • Convey Dense Information in an easy to read way
  • Reduce screen reading fatigue
  • Less language dependent – more accessible to lower levels
  • Vocabulary-rich
  • More stimulating for visual learners
  • Images aid understanding of concept and memory
  • Academic skills of dealing with graphical information
  • We can use them to encourage critical thinking

How to use Infographics:

How-to-use-infographicsThe following points will help you out

  • Choose the right topic
  • Perform adequate research for the infographic
  • Create content that people actually want
  • Add an embedded code
  • The design must be attractive
  • Promote your infographic
  • Find infographics for re-use
  • Add ‘Pin it’ and ‘Tweet this’ buttons

Where to use Infographics:

infographics-where-to-useHere are some things to think about when considering using an infographic to transfer your information. Download our infographic double-dealer sheet, and use it the next time you are considering turning your words into images.


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