About Google Duo Video Call App: How Does It Work

In this article you are going to know all about Google duo. Since many users are searching for Google Duo and its features, this is the reason for writing the article. Ok, let me explain about Google Duo App.

Google Duo Video Call App

Google has launched the Google Duo app. Google Duo is officially released on August 16, 2016.Google Duo is a video calling app. Google lets users make video calls in high definition. Google duo is compatible only for Android and IOS devices.

This app is a mobile app only. Google duo is limited for PC and laptops. You cannot find any desktop versions of this app. But you can get the app on PC through Android Emulators such as Blue Stacks etc.

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Let’s move to the next topic in Google Duo i.e. Google Duo Features.

The Google Duo features are listed below.

  • Simple interface – Google Duo is a simple user interface and user friendly. Users can easily access the video calling feature.
  • Live Preview – Before picking the call, you can know who the caller is? by the special feature called “Knock Knock“.
  • High Quality Video – This app provides the high quality video calls to the users.
  • Cross Platform – It supports cross platform which means users using different platforms will easily be able to connect.
  • It is optimised for low band-width networks.
  • End to End Cryption for the video calls which is enabled by default.
  • Google Duo automatically switches between Wi Fi and cellular networks.
  • Google Duo was integrated into Google Phone, Contacts, and Android Messages on the Pixel, Nexus, and Android One phones.
  • This app is based on phone numbers, allowing users to call people from their contact list.
  • Google Duo is also used to make audio calls.
  • Video and voice messages were added to Google Duo.
  • Users can leave messages up to 30 seconds long for contacts who are unavailable. These messages can then be viewed by the other party, with the option of calling afterwards.
  • Google Duo is very simple to use.
  • Through Google Duo who can make video calls to your friends, relatives and family members to anyone who are at distant places.
  • You can also make international calls using Google Duo.

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Hope this article will be helpful in knowing about Google Duo.


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