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What is GIF: The GIF Full Form is “Graphics Interchange Format – Picture Format” is a type of computer file that is often used for images on the internet. GIF most frequently refers to a short, animated picture without sound. Graphics Interchange Formats are typically used to portray an emotion or a reaction. By 2012, the GIF image format had become so popular.  “GIF” was named as the Oxford American Dictionary’s 2012 word of the year. However, with the upswing of social media, GIFs have made a response, especially on Twitter, Facebook (FB), and WhatsApp.


Abbreviation of GIF

See the abbreviation GIF is as follows “G” stands for “graphic,” “I” stands for “Interchange,” “F” stands for “Format”.

Definition Of GIF

GIF is a set of standards and file format for storage of digital color images and short animations. The GIF Full Form is “g(raphic) i(nterchange) f(ormat)”. Another Definition of GIF is a file or image stored in this format.

Meaning of GIF

The meaning of GIF is a standard compressed file format used for pictures. A picture held in this format. Nearly all GIFs use the 89a format.

Everyone can check the version of a specific GIF image by opening it in a text editor and looking at the first 6 characters listed in the document.

Example: GIF87a or GIF89a


  • GIFs are suitable for sharp-edged line art with a limited number of colors.
  • Unlike the JPEG image format, GIFs uses lossless compression that does not degrade the quality of the image
  • Graphics Interchange Formats may be used to store low-color sprite data for games
  • GIFs can be used for small animations and low-determination film clips.

How to pronounce “GIF”

According to Steve Wilhite, the creator of the original GIF format, it is pronounced “jiff” But now most people pronounce it “gif”.


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