Top 25 Free Proxy Sites – Best Free Proxy Servers List For 2019

Are you facing problem while accessing some websites? Many schools and offices block some sites. Sometimes we need info from that blocked sites. Then proxy sites helps us to unblock those sites and allows you to access on that blocked sites. If any particular site is opened then it says that this website is not available or the URL of the site is blocked. These proxy sites are available for free. Here in this article, we are providing you Top 25 Best Free Proxy Sites or Servers List For 2019.

Some web pages are blocked in schools, colleges, offices and in government sectors (or) some websites which are blocked to some particular region by the owner of website. In these cases, proxy sites and VPN service will be handy to you to access those blocked sites.

Free Proxy Sites

Proxy site is an intermediate between the client and server of the site you are accessing. The proxy site contains the data of the website you are desired to access. By opening proxy site it will open a search bar then you have to type the name of the blocked website then it allows you to access that site. It is just like you are surfing on the internet. You can surf the internet anonymously by using proxy websites. These proxy servers hide your IP address and it creates a random IP address and allows you to access blocked sites.

You can also use VPN service to access the proxy site, but VPN is a paid service. You need to pay bucks to access VPN service. If you afford to pay the premium then VPN is the right choice to access blocked websites.

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  1. BlewPass – ( best proxy server )
  2. HideMyAss:
  3. New Ip Now –
  4. Youtube Unblock Proxy –
  5. Working Proxy –
  6. Proxy 2014 –
  7. Unblock YouTube Free –
  8. Free YouTube –
  9. HideOnline Proxy – ( best proxy server )
  10. Optin Proxy –
  11. Unblock YouTube Beat School –
  12. Hiding Your Info –
  13. Defilter –
  14. Free Proxy Server – ( free web proxy )
  15. Unblocker –
  16. Fast USA Proxy – ( best proxy server )
  17. Rapid Proxy –
  18. Quickproxy –
  19. org –
  20. AnonyMizer –
  21. YouTube Unblock Proxy –
  22. Quick Browse –
  23. Untraceable –
  24. Just Proxy –
  25. Bnosy –
Proxy Sites


  1. Singapore Proxy –
  2. PRO Intern –
  3. Fast Time –
  4. Work Host –
  5. 4ra –
  6. Proxy Sites For School:
  7. Safe Proxy –
  8. Private Surf –
  9. Free Web Now-
  10. Proxy Monkey –


  1. YouTube Free Proxy –
  2. Kr Proxy –
  3. Brazil Proxy –
  4. Canada Proxy –
  5. US Proxy –
  6. Spedo –
  7. US Proxy –
  8. You Liaoren –
  9. Zacebook –
  10. Free YouProxyTube –

These are the Top 25 Free Proxy Sites or Servers List For 2019. You can use any of these listed sites to access blocked websites. If you want to add your proxy site here then you can comment below. Thank you for visiting our site