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Most of us here, reading this article are music lovers. We are those crazy people who would have a deep knowledge about music and will be aware of mostly all the singers, artists, albums and songs. One of the most important platform through which we have gained this knowledge is the Internet. When you download music via online the best idea is to verify the speed and quality of the downloading music as much as possible.

Free-Album-DownloadThere are many websites applicable to offer free album downloads which is established by the artists and famous musicians. Top 20 new sites available for free album downloads in 2017 legally and freely. Today we are sharing the best list to download full music albums for free in 2017. So see our list of Free Album Download Websites.

According to Wiki Update:

Below is a table of online music databases that are largely free of charge. Note that many of the sites provide a specialized service or focus on a particular music genre. Some of these operate as an online music store or purchase referral service in some capacity. Among the sites that have information on the largest number of entities are those sites that focus on discographies of composing and performing artists.

List of online music databases

DatabaseServicesNo. of tracksNo. of releasesNo. of artists
ACRCloudMusic recognition & audio based music retrieval~40,000,000
AllMusicMusic information and reviews.~20,000,000~2,200,000
Choral Public Domain LibrarySheet music archive of choral and vocal music in the public domain or otherwise freely available for printing and performing
QuantoneDatabase of physical/digital products, venues, photos, artists, participants, composers, movements, labels, publishers and rights.12,000,000301,000
Discogs• Database: user-generated cross-referenced database of physical & digital releases, artists, and labels. With catalogue numbers, codes, and all other markings taken directly from each release.
• Companies/organisations: cross-referencing all others involved in music production (record companies, manufacturers, distributors, publishers, rights holders, venues, studios, etc.)
• Images: for releases, artists, labels, and other companies/organisations listed.
• Marketplace: for trade of physical music releases.
Encyclopaedia MetallumA heavy metal encyclopedia with information, complete discography, links, images, and reviews.~1,900,000~265,000~102,000 bands, ~535,000 artists
freedbIdentification service for CDs.
The Freesound Projectrepository of Creative Commons-licensed audio samples.
GracenoteIdentification service for CDs and other media.~100,000,000~8,000,000
International Music Score Library ProjectMusic scores and parts, mostly scanned from publications now in the public domain; some recordings.42,000 (370,000 scores)14,500 composers, 387 performers.
Last.fmMusic community website.12,000,000
LyricWikiLyrics wiki on Wikia.~1,653,416~159,749~82,226
MAQAMLargest Database of Arabic and Middle Eastern music artists, tracks, and albums.20,0001,200
MetroLyricsLyrics lookup.
MuseScoreOnline sheet music sharing.
MusicBrainzOpen content music database.~22,788,339~1,828,671~1,231,199
MusicMightBiographies and discographies.
MusixmatchThe world’s largest lyrics platform.
Mutopia Projectrepository of free content sheet music.
RolldabeatsDrum N Bass music database, physical releases only.
University of Pittsburgh Library System Archives Service Center
Werner Icking Music Archive
WikifoniaFree lead sheets in MusicXML format, contributed and editable by users.
WhoSampledUser-generated database of comparison between original tracks and covers, or songs that uses samples.460,000150,000

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