Facebook App Adds Onavo Protect, But Compromises Privacy

Onavo Protect in its main mobile app, which in itself would not be a thing to note but the behavior does indeed call into question the inclusion.

Facebook App Adds Onavo Protect, But Compromises PrivacyOnavo, the purpose of it is to collect information on behalf of Facebook to help improve its own services. A VPN security solution it claims to shield users from malware when they visit harmful websites and also protects their data.

Some of the users in US seeing this ‘Protect’ option in the navigation menu, which redirects them to Onavo Protects listing on the App store all this information is according to a report from Tech Chrunch. This seems very harmful, but the privacy issues are very clear when you look further into the usage of app.

Onavo Protect is an essential feature which is also a Facebook property which was created and acquired by the social media back in 2013.

Peace of Mind and an added layer of security are two main things which designed by company through VPN app by routing your web browsing through its services.

The company also analyzes and collects user’s data to improve its services as well as Facebook’s products and services. This app service team use this info to improve Facebook products and services, gain insights into the products and services people value, and build better experiences.

By using this Onavo Protect app some users may feel ok with the privacy of VPN client. But many of the users are unaware of this Onavo Protect which is spyware of Facebook app. With unaware of this app users may misled marketing of the app in Facebook’s settings and on the App Store.

Reviews recommend that Fb used the information gathered by way of Onavo to expect the eventual stoop in Snap chat’s app utilization, which was once later showed by way of Snap Inc.

33 million users who have Onavo Protect installed, with 38% being on iOS and the remaining 62% on Android. This this the estimated reports by Tech Chrunch.


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