10 Best eBook Torrenting Sites To Download Free E-Books

Finding e-book torrent sites is a difficult task. If you are one searching for E-Book Download Sites then you are at the right place. Here in this article, we are providing a list of 10 Best eBook Torrenting Sites To Download E-Books. Below sites, all are a good source to find free online ebooks. We can download Without cost and with a very simple task for downloading free ebooks.

Best ebook Torrent Sites

The word torrent means downloading anything for free. If you are a books lover and you want to read e-books then torrent sites are best for you to download books for free. There are so many torrent websites but some are closed due to privacy issues. Here we have provided top 10 eBook Torrenting Sites for book torrenting where you can download plenty of e-books for free.

You can unblock blocked e-book torrenting websites using any of these proxy. 

List of Top 10 eBook Torrenting Sites

Here we have listed top eBook Torrenting Sites

  • Free Book Spot
  • iTorrent
  • eBook Share
  • Wiki Books
  • Planet E-book
  • The Pirate Bay
  • E-Library
  • BitSnoop
  • eBooks 3000
  • BookYards

Top and Best Ebooks Categories Are:

  • Algebra
  • Algebraic Geometry
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Artifical Neural Network
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Biology
  • Book Links
  • Buddhism
  • C programming
  • C# Programming Language
  • C++ programming
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Sciences
  • Control Theory
  • Digial Electronics
  • Digital Communication
  • Digital Electronics
  • Document share
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Electronics Communication
  • Engineering
  • Engineering and Scientific Computing Language
  • Error Control Code
  • Free Space Optics
  • General Mathematics
  • Geometry
  • Information Theory
  • Java
  • Literature
  • Machine Learning
  • Mathematical Analysis
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Matlab
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Number Theory
  • Optical Wireless Communications
  • Optics
  • Personal Development
  • Physics
  • Probability
  • Programming Language
  • Queueing Theory
  • Religion
  • Self Improvement
  • Signal Processing
  • Topology
  • Wavelet Transform
  • Yoga
  • Zen

Best E-Book Torrent Sites for Book Torrenting

Free Book Spot

Free Book Spot

FreeBookSpot is the best free e-books torrent site. You can find the book of any category and can be downloaded without any registration. There are over 90 categories of e-books available on this site. You can also read online on this site. You can upload books on the site by registering. You can find books related to cooking, engineering branches, audio books and fiction books.



iTorrent is a free ebook downloading site. You can download any E-book for free from this site. The site gives you the complete details of the book. You can search on this site by typing book name on the search bar. The user interface of this site is cool. The books are listed on this site based on release date. You can easily download ebooks from this site.



eBookShare is the best site to download ebooks. You can download any E-book which you desire. You can find any book based on the category. You can explore for unlimited books on this site. You can easily access your favourite book on this site. You can download ebook for free from this site.

Wiki Books


Wiki Books is another popular website to download eBooks. Wiki books are a wiki-based Wikipedia community for the creation of free E-books and textbooks. To download any ebook from this site there is a need to log in to your account. The site provides books of all subjects. You can browse on this site by typing book name. You can download eBooks from this site for free.

Planet E-book

Planet eBook

Planet E-book is the popular website to download E-books for free. It is one of the oldest sites to download ebooks. The site is famous for classic kinds of literature. Planet E-book allows you to download free ebooks and you can read online on this and can share ebooks on this site using social media networks. There is no need to log in to this site to download ebooks on this site.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay

The pirate bay is one of the most popular torrent sites where you can find a unlimited number of books. You can access to all your favourite books on this site. You have to follow some steps to download books from this site. The site is free for its users to download. You can search on this site using the search bar.



E-Library is one of the best sites to download ebooks. You can download E-books from this site for free. It has more than 9,000 books from 80 categories. The interface of this site is user-friendly. You can find a lot of books on this site based on category. The home page displays popular, free and new books thumbnails. You can read online on this site and can download for free.



BitSnoop is the best torrenting site. It is popular for free ebook torrenting sites. The ebooks available on this site are in zip format and can extract the file from that zip file. The site has a huge collection of books and can easily download your favourite eBooks for free.



eBook3000 is a free ebook torrenting site. The site allows you to download eBooks for free. You can search on this site based on the category. There is no need to log in to download eBooks from this site. The home page of the site has newly added books and has popular books on the side which allows the user to access their favourite books easily.



BookYards is one of the biggest online ebook torrents. You have to login in the account to download books. There are more than 20, 000 ebooks available on this site. You can download eBooks for free from this site. You can browse or upload books on this site. You can give reviews and feedback of the books on this site.

Note: above some sites are providing paid stuff also. One more thing downloads best ebooks without torrent also.

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