Dream League Soccer Reviews by its Users (Latest Update)

If you want to play dream League Soccer video game and searching for its users reviews, then follow this article. Here in this article, we are providing dream league soccer reviews which are given by its users.

Dream League Soccer Reviews

Dream League Soccer is a famous video game which is mostly played by many people. This soccer game is not similar to the real soccer. In this video game it allows its users to create best football team or club. You can train your players to win trophies. You can improve your players gaming by training them with some trainer development program. You can upgrade your player by fitness exercise. There is an option of buying best players on the game. The more money you spent the more skilled player you can get for your team.

Dream league soccer video game allows you to develop and manage the team with strategies. You can also upgrade the stadium of the soccer league. The game allows you to develop the club with maximum of 32 players. If you upgrade your stadium then you will have more capacity for audiences and can make more money. Dream League Soccer reviews are the comments given by its users. Here we are mentioning some best Dream League soccer reviews which are given by its well experienced users.

Dream League Soccer Reviews

“A very realistic and addictive game”

“It’s so interesting and one of the best Soccer game on Play Store”

“I love this game feels like playing on an xbox”

“Very playable, great graphics, definitely value for money”

“It is awesome and very addictive greatest football game on iPod”

“Best football game ive ever played on iphone”


“Superb comeback after a long time dream league… Love u..!!such a fantastic game…”

“It’s the best game ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“I love this game. Infact it’s the most awesome and best soccer game on mobile.

“Can’t believe this is free!! Just started out and reckon going to be taking a lot of my life up!!”

“I am fully engaged into this game Everything that is in the game has been executed perfectly. “

“Great game, could play this for hours, in fact I have :)”

“Quality game, highly recommended. Top draw. Get it now!! Huge” – Tequan6

“Better than fifa”

“Really good for a freebie, only wish all free games were this good. :)”

“Awesome app It’s so addictive. :-)”

“Loved first touch soccer and this is even better!”

“First of all a Great game. Thank you for that. “

“I switched to Dream League after the Fifa franchise got progressively worse with every edition. The controls in DLS are so much better, and there is so much more skill to develop.”

“Well i am playing it for a long period of time now, and yes it’s awesome.”

“I’ve had most footy games off the store and don’t seem to bother with them after a couple of days but not this one reminds me of a pc footy game from back in the day….very good”

“Simply class”

“This game is awesome and extremely addictive. “

“This football is so amazing, it is just fantastic!!! I can’t even express my exhilarating enjoyment of it. If you don’t try it, you could be missing the extravaganza of your life.”

“Absolute Fantastic, Mind blowing, Game.”

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