Things You Should Know about Dream League Soccer Game

Hello guys… welcome to our website. Do you know about Dream League Soccer Game? If you play DLS game and searching for its info then this article suits you.  At present in this article we are providing you wiki info on Things you should know about dream league soccer.

Dream League Soccer Game

Dream League Soccer is a heart touching game where you have to start your game as a newbie and eventually become professional player.

The game provides you an opportunity to build an entire team, develop players and compete with opponent teams. On the starting of the game, you will be on the lower scale of a fictional league, and if you perform your game by giving your best, then you can eventually get the top position. The interface and graphics of the game are so good that you will like to play and don’t forget about the realistic action scenes. The game gives you the chance to become the best team by beating your opponent teams.

How to Get the Higher Rank

You can succeed game when you make your image among other teams, and you can do that by getting the top most position

You can get higher level of the game by doing the list of things:

  • Now you can build your favorite club and take the field anytime you want.
  • Choose a proper name for your team.
  • Recruit new Players, upgrade your Stadium and train your team.
  • This time you can improve your stadium’s facilities, team’s strategy, test your skills online against players from around the world.
  • Design a kit and pick a captain for it.
  • Either you play with bots or with real users. Playing against bots will do your practice, and for gaining real power, you have to play against real players.
  • The last thing you have to do is to gain victory in most of the matches.

Features That You Get In Dream League Soccer Game

Every year dream league soccer game is updated from its previous versions. The updated version of DLS game brings some new features along with latest update.

The features that you get are:

  • It provides three primary buttons A, B, C to shoot, pass, and long pass respectively.
    You can use those buttons to block and make long passes, dribbles, throw, and much more. These buttons are enough for you to enjoy a fantastic control system.
  • It provides you a chance to buy official FIFPro licensed players, to build a strong team which is enough to take you on the world.
  • Dual-stick helps you to control the players and D-Pad to move the player.
  • As much as you goal you get rewarded with coins which you can use to strengthen or expand your team. Your team performance also matters regarding coins.

More Features – Latest Features in Dream League Soccer 2018 (DLS App)


In dream league soccer game you will play two types of competitions, the first one is the division, which is like league where you will compete with another team in the whole season. The other competition is like the FA cup where all the teams from all divisions will be playing against each other. So, in this cup you will expect to face Real Madrid with Ronaldo and Bale inside the team.

Multiplayer Troubleshooting

One more amazing feature of updated version of Dream League Soccer is a multiplayer game.

This multiplayer feature in DLS game works when you have an active internet connection, or else the game might be felt a bit too sluggish. This feature also allows you to play the game with your nearby friend through game center support and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth support.

Summing Up

So this is all about the article things you should know about dream league soccer game. If you have any questions regarding this post, please do comment below, we will reach you as soon as. Follow or site @ for most regular updates.



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