Dream League Soccer: Tips, Hints and DLS Strategies

Are you a DLS fan? Searching for DLS game tips, hints and strategies? If you are searching for these questions, then your search ends here. Now in this post, we are providing Dream League Soccer Tips, Hints and DLS strategies.

Dream League Soccer is a video game where you can build your own dream team by selecting popular players. The players available on this game are licensed FIFPro players. You can get the players by spending some money. The game provides you the facility to earn coins by watching videos. You can win the game easily by following some tips, hints and DLS strategies. You will be rewarded with coins by playing the game with tips, hints and DLS strategies.

DLS Strategies

DLS Strategies

1. Use Button B More Often Than Button A When Defending

This is one of the best DLS Strategies. You can use three buttons A, B and C in the game play. By holding button A player performs a slide tackle, by holding button B the player puts pressure on the ball and by holding button C you can change the player who you want to control. By using button B your player puts more pressure on the opponent and can easily get the ball. So, it is preferred to use button B compared to button A.

2. Choose a Camera Type to get a Better View of the Field

This is another best DLS strategies. By using camera it provides the best view of the field and  helps you to manage and control your players. There are different camera angles available and you can choose any one out of them. To change a camera type, you need to follow steps:

  • Tap “My Profile” at the top-right corner of the screen
  • Press on “Game Settings”.
  • Tap on the arrows to change the “Camera Type”.
  • Choose an in-game camera that suits your play style and helps you control and manage players better.
  • Just make sure you practice playing with the chosen camera style in “Training Mode” before playing the real game.

3. Experiment with B and C Buttons to Score a Goal

When your player has the ball and he is near to the goal, then not use button A. instead try using button B and button C. By pressing and holding the A button for a longer time will make the player shoot the ball way above the goal. Press the button B to make your player shoot with inside of his foot. Use button C to trap for a chip shot. By using buttons B and C you can score a goal in training mode.

4. How to Heal Your Players

This is amazing DLS Strategies. When any of your players in your team get injured you can regain their health by spending some coins. To heal the injured players it requires more coins. To heal a player in Dream League Soccer, you need to follow some steps:

  • Go to Team Management and tap on a player card.
  • A battery icon will appear at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on it and the player will reach 100 percent health.
  • Coins that you spend on each player’s health will depend on his health meter.
  • Lower the health meter, more coins are required to heal him completely.

5. Choosing Formations

Choosing formations is one of the great DLS strategies. You can choose any formation of your own choice. Most recommended formations are 4-2-2 or 4-3-3, you can also try with any other formation. There is no loss in experimenting with other formations. You can also try using different tactics, such as “Attacking”, “Moderate” and “Defensive”.

6. Training Mode Also Lets you Practice Penalty Shootouts, Saves and Free Kicks

This is amazing strategy among DLS strategies. It will take some time to know about the game controls, so it is recommended to play game in training mode. By choosing this mode you can improve your shooting and passing skills. You can also practice free kicks, penalty saves and penalty shoot-outs by playing game in training mode. There are six types of training modules such as Free Training, Free Kick, Left Corner, Right Corner, Penalty and Penalty Save.

7. Upgrade Your Stadium to Earn Bonus Coins in Home Matches

This is another fantastic DLS strategies. You can earn bonus coins in the game by upgrading your stadium. To upgrade your stadium go to “My Club” and select “Dream FC Stadium”, here you can upgrade your stadium and can increase crowd capacity. Upgrade your stadium by spending some coins which you got from the 1000 free coins.

Dream League Soccer Tricks

  • Step Over – running straigthly while you have the ball, press any key 4 times or continuously repeated
  • Flip-Flap – touching the ball using outside foot, then pulled the ball back to the front.  Just press the button repeatedly.
  • Rainbow – lifting the ball  passing through an opponent, I usually do this by running the player press any touch screen
  • Hocus Pocus – cross legs to make the tricky movement. when you have the ball infront of your opponent tap analog to the left and then press any button for 2 times
  • Roullete – whirling the body while you have the ball. While in front the of opponent, point analog to the left and then press any button for 3 times
  • Dribble – bring the ball using the foot to tricky the opponents. To do this, just point the analogous to any direction while you press the B button

Dream League Soccer Tips

Be confident:  To play the game you must require confidence. If you are confident you will be likely to able choosing best strategy. If you don’t feel confident and thinking that using cheats is helpful, you may lose the game.

Better Skills: Choose players who have better skills. By choosing better players  you can make your team easier to make goal.

Learn from others sources:  Some players provide new users with tips and tutorial for the sake of better gaming experience. By learning the resources you can easily win the game.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome tricks and tips Dude. How to bring your goal keeper out quickly during an opponent attack when all the defenders are out on a counter attack. Quite often I loose matches coz of that.


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