Buying a New Smartphone? Here Are Important Things to Consider

Smart phone have become an integral part of everyone’s life. We use them for taking pictures, communicating, storing data, internet browsing etc. Anyone who wants to buy a smart phone will be in a dilemma like which smartphone to buy? And what are the factors to consider?. As there are various companies launching different smart phones with different features we have to consider some factors before buying a smart phone. Here in this article, we have provided some factors to be considered while Buying a New Smartphone.


Factors to Consider While Buying a New Smartphone

Let’s see what are the 10 most important factors to consider before Buying a New Smartphone.


Price is the first factor you should decide before you buy a smartphone. Consider things like how much money you like to spend on your smart phone? Is it worth to you to buy? There are some companies which are offering best feature phone with fewer prices. For any price range, there are some devices which are better than others. As there is an EMI option to buy a smartphone. It is recommended to buy the best phone and pay money in monthly installments.

Operating System

The operating system is another major factor you should consider before buying a smart phone. There are lots of operating systems for smart phones but only 3 operating systems are widely used. They are Android OS, Apple iOS and Windows OS. You have to know the pros and cons of the 3 operating systems. Android OS tops in the list as many people prefer using this operating system. The latest version of Android available is Nougat 7.0 version but only a few phones have this version.


The processor is the important factor to consider while buying a smart phone. The processor is the central part of the smart phone. The speed of the smart phone depends on the processor it used. The processing power of smart phone varies from one device to another depending on several factors like user interface, operating system, bloat ware and more. A QualComm Snapdragon (652/820/821) is the processor required for the heavy user who needs to edit photos/videos/documents online, play games and opening one or more apps (multitasking). For light users MediaTek processor is fine.


A build is all about the durability of a smart phone. There are some smart phones that have glass coated panels but the usage of this phone must be careful if once it is dropped down then it becomes shattered. Almost all handsets have to build like metal or plastic. They will be safe if they fall down from 2 or 3 feet. So it is best to choose metal or plastic build when compared to glass build.

Display and Resolution

The display of the screen depends on your usage. If you buy a less display size phone it will be easy to carry and gives comfort while holding it in hand. If you use smart phones like purposes of viewing emails, browsing social media networks, chatting then a screen size of 5inch to 5.5inch with HD or Full HD resolution is recommended for you. If you use your smart phone or purposes like watching videos, playing games and downloading movies and watching then a smart phone with 5.5inch to 6inch with HD or Full HD resolution is recommended for you. But it is somewhat difficult to carry in your hands.


The battery life depends on your usage. Factors like processor, operating system and screen depend on phone charge. If you are a heavy user and work on apps, watching videos and playing games then a batter of 3500mAH battery is recommended for you. If you use your phone an average or light user then a smart phone with 3000mAH battery is recommended for you.


Storage is another important factor to consider for you while buying a smart phone. Choose a smart phone which has a sufficient storage. As the phone has a larger storage but most of its storage is taken by OS and pre-installed apps. So choose a phone which has a larger internal storage and an external micro SD card. If you like to keep less number of apps on your phone then it is recommended you go for 32GB storage. If you want to install the number of apps then 64GB or 128GB storage smart phone is recommended for you. In our previous article, we wrote about how to increase internal storage space on android mobiles, check that post also.


The camera is the feature which everyone is considering before buying a smart phone. The quality of the image does not depend on the megapixels that camera is provided with. The megapixels determine that the pictures will be sharp and smaller picture appear large in more megapixels phone. The factors like ISO levels, pixel size, special effects, autofocus and camera aperture and more are to be considered regarding camera in a smart phone. Most of the phones are provided with front and rear cameras. A casual photo shooter can choose a device with an 8MP or 12MP rear camera with f2.0/f2.2 aperture. For a photographer enthusiast a smart phone with camera 12 or 16MP rear camera and aperture f/2.0 or lower aperture for speedy shots even in low lights.


As we store a lot of information in our smart phones it is recommended to go for a smart phone which has a security feature. Most smart phones these days are providing extra security features. In Android version phones finger print sensor is provided where you use your finger to lock/unlock the phone. In Apple iOS the device is provided with a security feature like touch windows OS the device is provided with a security feature like iris recognition which is difficult in crowded people.


Audio/Speakers are the major features one must consider while buying a smart phone. Everyone uses their handsets for watching videos, listening to songs so there is a need to check for quality of the speakers. Prefer phones with front facing speakers for voice clarity while talking on a phone and for watching videos. Check the quality of audio and speakers before you are buying.

Along with above-stated features also check Other 10 Features of Smart phone which you should be buying best phone: Those are 

  1. Camera Quality
  2. Screen Size
  3. Screen Resolution and Quality
  4. Software Features
  5. Memory (RAM) and Processing Power
  6. Design and Build Quality Internet
  7. Instant messenger
  8. E-mail
  9. GPS Navigation
  10. Internet Speed
Buying a New Smartphone

7 Reason Why You Need a Smartphone

There are so many reasons why it’s important for you to have a phone! Here are 7 reasons you should consider before Buying a New Smartphone.

  1. Safety First
  2. Friendships – The Way We Communicate
  3. Education – Learn Important Skills
  4. There’s an App for Everything!
  5. It Can Be a Great Way for Us to Connect, Too
  6. You Can Entertain Yourself
  7. It’s Not the Tool, But How You Use It