The Best NYC Movie Theaters To Watch Blockbusters, Indies & More

Best Movie Theaters in New York: Hundreds of movie theaters have come and gone in New York City since the grand era of movie palaces and 25-cent matinées. Here are few of the Best NYC Movie Theaters To Watch Blockbusters big screens, Indies, etc. Read on for details.

Best Movie Theaters in New York

Best Movie Theaters in New York

No city has a finer movie-going culture than New York City. While plenty of towns are home to a valued independent theater that serves as a film-lovers oasis, here in New York our options are incongruous.

See the below-provided list of Best Movie Theaters in New York City. Just go through.

Nitehawk Cinema

Nitehawk Cinema is New York’s premier dine-in theater, pairing exemplary first-run and repertory film programming along with tableside food and beverage service. Nitehawk strives to enhance the cinematic experience with a creative framework by providing a specialty menu with fresh, local ingredients inspired by the films we love. Nitehawk is a triplex, hosting 92, 60, and 34-seat theaters. Lo-Res, Nitehawk’s downstairs bar, offers full-service food and drink, and outdoor seating during the warmer months, and features handcrafted cocktails, local brews and spirits from regional distillers.

Address: Nitehawk Cinema, 136 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, New York – 11249, USA


Show Times:

Monday – Friday      _4:20pm7:10pm9:55pm
Saturday & Sunday1:20pm3:55pm6:40pm9:25pm

Note: Show Timings may vary according to the movies.

Village East Cinema

With New York City’s lack of a still-operating historic movie palace, the Village East is the closest thing around.

The Village East Cinema is the Best Movie Theaters in New York City. One of New York’s last remaining Yiddish theatre buildings, it is a New York City designated landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Show Times:

Mon, Wed, Sat & Sun11:15am4:15pm7:00pm9:30pm

Note: Show Times may sometimes may vary according to movies.

Address: Village East Cinemas, 189 2nd Avenue, New York City, New York – 10003, USA


Cobble Hill Cinemas

This old Rio Theater stands on Court Street and Butler Street in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn. So it is named as Cobble Hill Cinemas. It’s a double-feature neighborhood theater in 60s when the neighborhood changed. It is opened and closed a few times and later by showing Kung Fu and action fare, the neighborhood became hot again and the theater reopened as the Cobble Hill Cinema. It showed first-run fare. The theater was an instant success and soon the owner twined, triplexed and finally build two new theaters on the roof, making it a five-plex. The interior was redone, and the theater continued to show a mix of first run, foreign and independent fare.

Show times:

Monday to Thursday1:00pm4:30pm8:00pm9:00pm
Friday & Saturday1:30pm6:15pm8:15pm9:00pm

Note: Show Timings may vary according to movie.

Address: Cobble Hill Cinemas, 265 Court Street, Brooklyn, New York – 11231, USA


Lincoln Plaza Cinema

Since 1981 The Lincoln Plaza Cinemas has been home to films by Federico Fellini, Eric Rohmer, Jean-Luc Godard, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Robert Altman, Krzysztof Kieslowski, and Woody Allen, among other internationally famous directors. Audience are excited about playing films by new directors that make it all worthwhile. To mention a few – “Red Sorghum”- the first film of Zhang Yimou, “My Life As A Dog” by Lasse Hallstrom, “Yaaba” by Idrissa Ouedraogo, “Toto The Hero” by Jaco Van Dormael and “32 Short Films about Glenn Gould” by Francis Girard, “Gabbeh” by Mohsen Makhmalbaf and more recently, “The Dream life of Angels” by Erick Zonca. Treasures that need a home. Nurturing that is simply not available in large commercial theaters.

Show Times:

Sun to Sat11:40am3:45pm8:00pm10:00pm

Note: Show Timings may change according to the movies.

Address: Lincoln Plaza Cinema, 1886 Broadway, New York City, New York – 10023, USA


AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13

The AMC Loews Lincoln Square is a former jewel of a theater that is definitely showing its wear. This theater is in a great location on the Upper West Side within walking distance of many restaurants, and right at the 66th Street station on the 1 line. The theater has a wide selection and a true IMAX screen which is the best in the city.  The opening features were “Star Trek Generations” (generating $100,000), “The Professional” ($46,000), “Miracle on 34th Street” (1994), “The Lion King” (in the first weekend of a holiday-season re-release), and “The Swan Princess”. In the years since, Sony/Loews/Loews Cineplex Entertainment has striven to maintain the theatre’s technological preeminence. The premiere Loews auditorium is THX-certified. AMC now operates the theatre, having purchased the Loews Cineplex theatres.

Show times for Standard:

Mon to Wed11:00am2:30pm6:15pm10:00pm
Fri & Sat10:45am2:30pm6:15pm10:00pm

Show times for IMAX:

Mon to Wed11:30am3:15pm7:00pm10:45pm
Fri & Sat11:45am3:30pm7:15pm11:00pm

Note: Show Timings may vary according to the movies in theatres.

Address: AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13, 1998 Broadway, New York City, New York – 10023, USA



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