Free Download Apple Maps App For Android Device

Are you an android user? Want to use apple maps on your android? Are you looking for how to get Apple Maps for your Android? If your answers to these questions are yes then you are right page. Currently in this article we are providing you short info on how to download Apple maps for android device for free.

Free Download Apple Maps

Android is the most popular platform used by many people. This is the most used platform because of its features and interface. There are plenty of apps available for android. There are apps belonging to many categories like music, games, navigation, video calling apps and many more. But many android users want to use apple apps on their android device. This is possible with the help of apk files on android devices.

About Apple Maps

Apple maps is one of the best navigation apps for iPhone users. This app gives you spoken indications in real time and previewed 3D maps. The app is based in vectors, so you can zoom in and out as much as you want. When you want to visit a place you don’t know then Maps will guide you without doubts and very quickly. If you have to take public transport, then Maps will tell you in which line you have to go, where do you need to leave the metro or bus, and other information.

Apple Maps is one of the best maps service in the Android market. You can change between satellite or physics maps, show road names, restaurants, hotel and more. This Maps now watches what users are copying and pasting in their smart phone. Copy an address, for example, and Maps will offer driving directions. This function will work even if you copy a location inside the Google Maps app and are designed to make it easier for you to send directions to a friend by text or email.

Features of Apple Maps

  • You can bookmark your locations.
  • You can search from your bookmarks and reminders.
  • Location based reminders option is available.
  • You can get current location using horizontal accuracy, altitude and vertical accuracy.
  • You can create new location based reminders.
  • You can share, modify or delete multiple bookmarks.

That’s all about Apple Maps for android. If you have any questions regarding this post, please comment below. Thank you for watching our site.



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