Top 5 Android Apps To Download and Play Free Music Online

If you are an Android user and finding for best android music apps then follow this article. This article helps you to find best Android music apps. Here in this article, we are providing best 5 top android music apps to download and play free music.

Android Apps To Download Music

Downloading music or listening to music online is common nowadays. There are lots of free music sites and apps available to download and play free music. If you want to download any album every time you need to Google it and search for the best site and download album from there, but there are best android music apps to download and play free music. Just by installing the app you can download any our favorite album or track and the app allows you to listen to songs online. By listening to music online you can save storage space on your device.

Top 5 Android Music Apps

1. Free Music Download

It is the best android music app to download and play free music. The design of this music app is clean and straight forward. This app is simple and extremely easy to use. Once you installed this app on your device it has two options search and files. The search option allows you to search for your favorite music and files options shows which music files you have downloaded. The app has facility to listen to song while downloading if you didn’t like that song then you can pause downloading of the song.

2. Music Search

Music search is another popular android app to download and play free music. It is an easy app to search and download free music. By installing this app on your device you can download and listen to songs online. To download a song search by typing song name in the search bar and tap on download button to download. After the song is downloaded you can find it under the app’s library tab. You can listen to song online before you download the song.

3. Music Download Paradise

Music Download Paradise is another good android app to download and play free music. You can download millions of songs for free by using this app. You can download songs from this app by typing song name or artist name or album name on the search bar. This app also has an option of sharing music files. This app has a built-in music player where the downloaded song can be played there. The downloaded song can be found in the library section of the app. You can preview the song before you download this song on your app.

4. Music Maniac

Music Maniac is another great android app to download and play free music. You can search for individual songs on this app by searching song based on song title, artist name, and album name. Once the song is downloaded just by taping on the song the Android’s default music player plays the song. You can find downloaded songs on the app by clicking on the View Download Location. You can find any of your favorite song on this app where you can download and listen to that song online.

5. Free Music Downloads

Free Music Downloads is an amazing android app to download and play free music. Just by clicking on the search tab you will get a list of songs, choose a song and by taping on it automatically starts downloading. If you want to delete the song just tap and hold on the song and select delete option to delete the song. There is a built-in music player on the app which allows you to listen to your downloaded songs. Because of its built-in feature, you can use this app as a music player.

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