About ACT vs SAT – ACT to SAT Conversion Chart, Difference Between SAT vs ACT Scores

Key Differences Between ACT vs SAT: The SAT & ACT Test formatting is basically the same. They both test your knowledge of math, English grammar, and reading comprehension. They both take 3-4 hours to complete. ACT lets you use a calculator on all its math problems, and all the answers are multiple choice. The next in line is SAT Exam is always math section  and has a “with calculator” and “without calculator” section, and 13 of its problems force you to fill in your own answer. Colleges accept both SAT and ACT Tests equally so, you can take the test that’s right for you. See complete ACT vs SAT Differences and Conversion Chart, Score Comparisons from the below paragraphs.


Even though the ACT and the SAT are looking a lot more similar these days. Check below tabular form for complete guide related to ACT vs SAT.

ACT full form American College TestingSAT full form Scholastic Assessment Test.
ACT has a Science TestSAT has one Math section
ACT Entrance Test is conducted by ACT, Inc.SAT Entrance Test is conducted by the College Board Organization in the United States
This test is to undergraduate admissions in U.S and Canadian universities or collegesAdmission to U.S universities and some other countries like Canada or Singapore.
The Fee of ACT Exam is $34 – $49.50SAT Registration Cost is $43 with Essay $54.50
No official prerequisite. Intended for high school students.There is no eligibility criterion for SAT Test
ACT is a Paper-based standardized testThe SAT is also a paper-based test administered at schools
ACT Exam Purpose:

  • Designed to measure
  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Writing (optional)
  • Science
SAT Test Purpose:

  • Designed to measure
  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Writing and Language
  • The SAT Essay (Optional)
Duration of ACT Exam: 3 hours and 25 minutes (excluding breaks)Duration of SAT Exam: 3 hour 50 minute exam (including an optional essay which takes 50 minutes)
Composite score:

1 to 36, Sub scores (for each of the 4 subject areas): 1 to 18.

Composite score:

In SAT the Total scores range from 400 to 1600

SAT to ACT Conversion Chart

Here you can convert your ACT scores to New SAT scores and compare them to Old SAT Scores. In order to see ACT vs SAT scores compare, we have provided useful tabular form which indicated the SAT to ACT Conversion Chart.

SAT Composite ScoreACT Composite Score
1560 to 159035
1520 to 155034
1490 to 151033
1450 to 148032
1420 to 144031
1390 to 141030
1350 to 138029
1310 to 134028
1280 to 130027
1240 to 127026
1200 to 123025
1160 to 119024
1130 to 115023
1100 to 112022
1060 to 109021
1020 to 105020
980 to 101019
940 to 97018
900 to 93017
860 to 89016
810 to 85015
760 to 80014
720 to 75013
630 to 71012
560 to 62011


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